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do hamsters get funerals?

do hamsters get funerals?

I failed to mention that our hamster had more babies on Saturday. This means that Akuma was humping Kobe about one day after she gave birth to the last litter. He was also humping her yesterday.

They had six babies this time. Yesterday, there were three remaning.

Today, we are minus one adult.

I found Kobe stiff and lifeless, with Akuma burying her under the bedding. I have no idea how I am going to explain this one to the kids when they get up in five minutes.

Sorry, guys, but I think Akuma fucked her to death.

No, that won't work.

I am done with pets. Today, I will take Akuma the Wife Killer back to the pet store, along with his three remaining offspring, dismantle the cage and suggest that we stick to Neopets.

I never wanted live pets to begin with. This is why.


Bring him on by. My snake needs a feeding.

Condolences for you and the wee ones, Michele...

That's about the most dysfunctional shit I've ever heard from the animal kingdom. And I was thinking only HUMANS did shit like that. Yeah I watch the news too much, what can I say? Just get one of those robotic dogs...they seem safe enough!

Just tell them the sniper got them. Sorry about your hamsters. :(

Hamsters are evil.

Apparently I should have listened to all those "hamsters are the devil" warnings before I bought them.

Like my mother says, I always need to learn the hard way.

Okay, really, after the first baby-eating experience, do you think they'll be shocked by Kobe's death?

And hey, if DJ takes it hard, you can always relent and allow him to go as Christina for Halloween. :-)

hope you got footage. animal planet is looking for it's next installment of "when hamster sex kills."

As my parents taught me, animals belong outside. Well, unless of course you're planning on eating them.

i'm actually really interested in seeing DJ as Christina. hopefully he can do it better than she can.

this reminds me of my own evil hamster stories.

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