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foil head of the day

foil head of the day

I got this comment the other day on my post "The White Van Theory."


Hasn't anyone even thought of the possibility of a government cover up. You would think that it would be fairly easy to catch this guy through all the air surveylance available in this modern age. I find it hard to believe this guy is that good.With all the satellite technology the government hoans...they could pinpoint him in seconds. They do it everyday in other cases. Im not saying that this is fact...all Im saying is that with all the activity our government is involved with theses days (taking control of the planet with an iron fists to all who oppose{ a police state of being}), it would not suprise me in the least if they tried to sway our attention elswhere. What better way to do it then to use one of their well trained snipers, who are "orders strictly" emotionless weapons of destruction, to turn our attention. Its sad, but take it from a former "weapon" of theirs...not very far fetched.

Of course, the writer of that comment left no real name and no email address. Typical.

Yes, yes Mr. Anonymous. Our government is killing its own citizens just to....what? I don't get that part. You mean they don't want us to pay attention to the proposed war on Iraq? Geez, that address to the nation that Bush had a few weeks ago...we were not supposed to pay attention to that? Oh, then the networks must be in on it, too, because most of them didn't carry the address. But that theory is negated by the fact that the networks have gone overboard in their coverage of the sniper....ohhh I bet the media is in on it, too! Maybe Phil Donahue or Connie Chung are behind it all so they can get higher ratings. We're onto something here....a vast conspiracy consisting of media, government, anti-gun lobby and Pennsylvania Board of Tourism, who are hoping that people flee the D.C. area and flock to the Pocono Mountains for some leaf watching relaxation. Yea, that's the ticket.

And, what do you mean by "former weapon" of theirs? Whatever it is, I bet they fired you right after you started spouting off your idiocies that the U.S. government staged the attacks of September 11 to have an excuse to take over the world. Right, Pinky?

Unless what you mean by "former weapon" is you worked undercover for the FBI, kept on hand for whenever they needed someone to take on the role of stammering idiot.

I'd lend you my tin foil hat, Mr. Anonymous, but I think I'm going to need it today.

(tin foil hat image from AFDB: for all your tin foil beanie needs)


what does "hoan" mean?

I think it's Esperanto for 'owns'.

If the government wanted to draw our attention away from something like Iraq, they'd do something wonderful, like pump up the stock market and make things so rosey we painfully oblivious automatons would say 'yes' to anything.

BAWHAHAHA. What a total freak this guy is!!!
Beautiful Michele, just beautiful. You slam idiots so eloquently. I only wish I had that talent. bows down

I think Geraldo Rivera or perhaps Jerry Springer is the sniper. ;) Even if it was something to try to take our minds off Iraq, they must think we are pretty stupid. I didn't forget. :P

I'm surprised your anonymous poster didn't mention the Illuminati. Any good conspiracy freak knows they are behind everything.

After hearing freaks talking about androids flying the planes into the World Trade Center and George Bush having wild orgies complete with human sacrificies on his Texas ranch nothing surprises me anymore.

As a former weapon of their's I used to survey Lance, however, don't ask, don't tell brought an end to all that. I was young, I needed the money.

This is exactly what "free speech" is in the United States. 'Feel free to speak your mind, UNLESS you don't agree with me.'

And if "D." had left her/his email address, she/he would probably see a black van parked outside her/his place from now on.

Jael, I have never stopped anyone from saying their piece here. The ideas posted by D are just a bit ridiculous.

I'm the last person to discount tin foil theories; I have plenty of my own. But the idea that the govt is killing people to distract them from Iraq when the President would prefer that we keep talking about Iraq just says to me that D was using his/her post to goad and/or mock. I goaded back.

The price of "free speech" is the expectatation that if you say something stupid you should be ridiculed. I mean, come on, we can't give away everything.