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fear of the dark

fear of the dark

"Your children are not safe anywhere, at any time."

If that's not terrorism I don't know what is.

He's upped the ante again and he is enjoying this game to the fullest. He's using the media to to help him play this game out. In effect, Mr. Moose is hoping the media will assist the case, but they are ending up playing into the hands of the killer.

The game is far from over. In fact, I think he's just getting started. And what are we supposed to do now? Lock down every school in the nation? Keep our kids home, shielded by bulletproof glass? Do you think it's a coincidence that he mentions kids so close to Halloween?

The murders are a means to an end. Dead bodies is not what he's after. He just wants to paralyze a nation, cause fear and panic and dread to become part of our everyday lives.

I have this thing about horror movies. I love blood and gore and crazed psycho killers come back from the dead. But they don't scare me. What scares me is psychological thrillers. The ones where you don't know who or what the killer is or what's hiding under the bed. Fear of the dark. Fear of the uknown. That's what's really scary. Not killer clowns or the walking dead. The dark, unknown silent slayer is the scariest of all.

The sniper knows this. He knows what frightens us most is that the next attack could be anywhere, anytime. He's watching the media, watching the talking heads who say things like "he doesn't strike on weekends," "he doesn't aim below the head" and then he goes and proves them wrong, effectively saying "Don't claim to know me. I will fuck with your head if you think you have me pegged."

It's going to be a long time until we can say Game Over.

Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
I have constant fear that something's
always near
Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
I have a phobia that someone's
always there

Have you run your fingers down
the wall
And have you felt your neck skin crawl
When you're searching for the light?
Sometimes when you're scared
to take a look
At the corner of the room
You've sensed that something's
watching you


Um... that's not terrorism. That's a serial killer.

The only thing he is commanding and demanding is fear. There's no political objective there whatsoever. He hasn't made any causes known at all.

To call this terrorism is just as wrong as to call everything "A War on [X}." If you lose the language, nothing will make sense.

And the Sniper will have already won. ;)

terrorism: The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

And we don't know that his reason isn't ideological.

Now kids, play nice with the dictionary. You're both right in your own special way.

My fondest wish is for a lawfully armed citizen to catch this nutball in the act and pop the proverbial cap in his ass. He/She can even be an NRA member, I won't mind, I promise.

This guy never shoots himself in the head after he writes a note that says 'I did it' and pins it to himself. (Hey, it's worth a try.)

Yeah, Stacy, I want that to happen, too. Right here in Virginia, please.

I went out for some fast food tonight. On the way, I was noticing that the line of trees next to my former regular gas station is in the back of the Honda dealership next door. I pondered whether or not to call the local cops and say, "Hey, by the way--it's off a major highway, it's got tree cover, and he's been here before."

This fucker is making us all crazy.

While I am effectively freaked out - the Ashland shooting being less than 17 miles from my home - I've decided that I will not live in fear and change my routines because of this nutcase coward pathetic excuse for a human being. And while I have no doubt that he/she/it may believe they have only just begun, I sincerely hope the police are on the right track to picking this guy off before he strikes again.

terrorist, serial killer - the only real difference is the terrorism we're most familiar with involves martyrdom for The Cause. maybe this sense of self-preservation the murder is displaying is the new paradigm for terrorism? hmm. food for thought.

This guy is using the media coverage. He encourages it.

He's enjoying it, and is being spurred on to new and greater heights of mayhem by the news outlets.

I wouldn't be very surprised if that is one of the reasons he gives for his spree if he is apprehended. I agree with the earlier post though... I hope that some armed citizen manages to either take him out, or better yet, wound him seriously enough for him to be taken in and fried.

I think he's a spree killer with a tendency toward serial murder. As Laurence said, it is still random, there hasn't been any known reason attached to the shootings yet. This man / group is dangerous, but we shouldn't label them terrorists yet.

So, Jeffory Dommer was a terrorist? Donald Harvey? Yates? All of thes terrorists?

a radical who employs terror as a political weapon
Like it needed to be repeated again. Self gratification is not a political change.

We really need to work on our termanology here. Unless you're trying to be the top hit on google for terrorism. Good luck with that one by the way.
Does that mean you do not feel terror? no! But, that does not make the killer a "terrorist" unless he was making demands of a political nature. Or, the killings where politically motivated.

Next thing you know the next guy to rob a 7-11 will be a "terrorist". Jesus christ, this is just getting rediculous. He is a SERIAL KILLER ... SERIAL KILLER ... SERIAL KILLER.

TERRORIST has become some blogging buzz word. Its used the same way my manager uses paradigm or Hexlocity. What the fuck is hexlocity anyways? You get my drift right?

When its 3000 people, 2 airliners, and 2 large buildings you'll know its Terrorism, and Terrorists. Until that happens again God preventing, you need to take the word out of your dictionary.


1) There is more than one definition for terrorism at dictionary.com
2) I take great offense to your suggestion that my main goal in all this is to become the top hit on google for "terrorism." I've already been the top hit for "pokemon porn" and I feel my pinnacle of googlen-ness has already been reached.
3) It is my contention that serial killers tend to go after the same kind of person - there is usually a common thread among their victims.
4) Hexlocity is what happens when you piss me off and I put a hex on your ass.
5) Since when is terrorism defined by the number of its victims? Tell that to the citizens of Israel, where a bus bomb might kill only two people instead of twenty. You think that's not terrorism?
6) I never once said that it was foreign terrorism. Please keep that in mind.

This is terrorism, after a fashion. He's bringing that entire region to its knees. He's supposedly made demands now.

Kim feels he's sitting there watching the television, jerking off to all the media. I'd say that's pretty much the reason for all of this -- power; power over people's lives and over their deaths.

Oh, and Kim's my wife, for those who don't know me. :)

He is certainly striking fear in the community, and I can see how that can fit one definition of terrorism. Michelle's right, if he's intimidating a community, which he his, then by strict definition he's a terrorist. For me, though, it's more about connotation than dennotation. For me the word terrorism has a political connotation. It's about striking at non-combatants to try to force them to turn on their government or its policies. Even domestic terrorism is about making people realize the evils of their government. (note Timothy McVeigh) Now since this guy is so successfully intimidating a community, I can't say no definition of terrorist fits him, but in my mind he's not. The hillside strangler did this to LA for months. The community was terrified. No one knew who would be next, and the term terrorist never came up once. I believe what happened to us on 9/11 affected us, and it certainly affected people like Michelle that are right there and see it everyday still. I believe we are more likely to call something terrorism now. Does that affect whether it is or not? I don't know. I guess that my point is that while this killer does seem to employ some elements of terror, like threats of future attacks, to try to get a certain reaction from the people in that community, I don't feel his actions are really intended for that purpose. His demands he's made now are reported to be for $10 million. He's a serial killer and an extortionist. I don't believe he wants to see any long term change caused by his intimidation, and that's why I don't consider him a terrorist. I do respect Michelle's right to call him that if she believes he fits the definition.

To me there is little difference between a terrorist and a serial killer. Their ultimate goals are similar even if the means to them are different.

I live right around the corner from the Maryland shootings. I will NOT be intimidated or live in fear, I refuse. Certainly I am more cautious but I will not curtail my own activities because of him. If that makes me a target, so be it. Death does not scare me. I guess being an RN helps ...

My stepson is another matter, however. I am afraid for him and do my best to protect him ...

I agree, Michele. This is far from over.

Ok, then the guy than every murderer in the world is a terrorist. I'm sure someone was in terror at the time he was killing them.

Its still rediculous.

Michele, your statement

It is my contention that serial killers tend to go after the same kind of person - there is usually a common thread among their victims.

shows that as yet, the unknown subject (I read too much profiling stuff) is not strictly a terrorist. He/She/They are targeting random people like Charles whatshisname did in the university in Texas (he went up to the clock tower and shot people on the ground till he got shot himself) in the sixties.

I agree it is not over and I feel bad for the people who live in the area.

But I don't think, Kinneret, that the aims are really the same. A terrorist is trying to make a political point, however illogical or psychotic it may be. A serial killer (or in this case, a spree killer) is doing it for personal gratification.

I forgot to add, spree killers tend to just kill people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. So far, this fits what's been happening.

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