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what does your gut say?

what does your gut say?

The bus driver who was shot this morning has died.

The sniper is back where he started at, coming full circle. Does this mean anything? I'm beginning to think nothing about this will ever make sense in a "so this is what he was thinking" way.

My overactive imagination keeps running theories through my head. Are those letters really from the killer(s) or just someone trying to cash in? Were those phone calls really from the killer(s) or does someone just have a need to insert himself in the scenario?

I keep thinking there's more than one killer. Maybe a whole fleet of them, all with different white vans and in a bizarre version of a relay race, they hand the gun off to the next person in their group while they skip town right after they make their mark.

The one lingering, frightening question that no one can answer until it's too late is where will the next one be?

I've got a bad feeling about this. My psychic intuition (read; gut feeling) tells me that this is far from over.

I can't imagine what it is like to be living in those parts right now. Stay safe, Meryl.


you know, in some ways, I think this freak is fucking with our minds even as we try to analyze what he's (or she's) thinking. I mean, think about it. They say the schools are safe, so he shoots a kid at a school. People are scared to get gas, so they start riding buses, and he kills a bus driver. He's fucking with our heads, and he's fucking with the heads of the cops.

You're right...this is FAR from over.

What gets me is that nobody really SEES anything and most of these shootings are happening in broad daylight, for crying out loud! You'd think the sight of any sort of white vehicle in the area would be like a red flag. This person or group is almost in the superhuman range of cloaking ability and marksmanship...getting spookier everyday.

My gut says the white van, if the shooter is still using it for transportation, is usually sitting a good distance away from the shooting and he is walking to his spots. My gut says a whole lot of other things at my website. :-)

Yeesh Jacob...if your gut is talking that much, you might want to try a Tums.

I don't think the shooter(s) are using white vans anymore. Everyone is watching for them. My twisted 12 year old has made it a game to count the white vans with ladders whenever we drive anywhere. A slurpee run to 7-11 (1 mile away) can yield a double digit number. She also asks me to drive around a parking lot before we park just so she can check out any suspcious looking white vans and jot down their plate numbers...just in case. I humor her.

I hope they catch this fucktard.

I know I have to check everytime CNN does one of their little news flashes. My best friend lives in Baltimore, fortunately not near any of the places that have been hit yet, but still I worry. And she has been applying for jobs with judges and whatnot (she's a final year law student) and she tells me she's got an interview in Montgomery County coming up, which makes me all tense and nervous for her.

Sigh. Stupid sniper. Stupid evil sniper.

I moved from NYC down to DC about two months ago. (Thought I might relax a bit after last year). Not a week after starting my new job here, he began shooting. I'm not special enough to have bad shit follow me places, I know, but this is annoying as all living hell.

This was released today. Who knows if it's true. It makes the most sense to me thus far, but I stopped guessing as I think that's what got us deeper into this mess in the first place.

I would love to put an end to the media coverage until he's caught, that's the only thing I know today.

And we have an apartment we'd love to decorate but are playing it safe and not doing too much shopping these days. I guess we'll continue having things sent to us at home via the internet in white vans. :]

I think it's probably a crazy white guy who's been sniping in gun clubs or whatever for some time, and, for reasons beyond my imagination, has gone ape shit on society.
He's intelligent, meticulous, and a definite psychopath.

i tend to agree with Tomas -- this has crazy white guy written all over it. but it could be anyone, the point is, the media is so playing into this, they are his plaything.

and there's no stopping that, the public's incredible thirst for sensationalized coverage is fodder for the media frenzy.

it's all very, very sick.