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the festering sore on the face of the NBA

the festering sore on the face of the NBA

Attention Latrell Sprewell: Your maker called and said if you are not going to use the brain and common sense he supplied you with, could you please return them?

You can keep the selfish, bullying, immature traits you have, though. You wear them so well.



I always refer to him as "The Criminal." That guy is such a punk.

ugh. i'm so tired of hearing about spoiled brat sports stars in the media. 12.6 million dollar salary? hurt his hand punching a guy who puked on his brand new yacht? i somehow fail to feel sorry for him at all.

it's a bitter, bitter day in my world :)

Another over-paid little boy whining when he gasp is called to account for his own actions. Yet another reason I don't bother following pro sports.

2 things from ESPN's Sportsguy on Latrell:
"As you've probably heard by now, Sprewell was fined $250,000 by the Knicks for failing to report a broken hand two weeks before training camp. And as you can probably guess, the hideous NBA player's union challenged the fine, because players are apparently allowed to get away with anything in the NBA (even O.J. didn't get this much leeway). According to published reports, Sprewell fractured the hand after a female companion puked on his yacht, and Sprewell ended up throwing an errant punch at her boyfriend. Certainly seems reasonable. Nobody should puke on a yacht without serious repercussions.

I guess I just have one question ... Latrell Sprewell has a yacht?

Is anyone else brimming with questions about this? Does the yacht have a name? How big is it? Where does he dock it? Does he dress up like Judge Smails when he drives it around? Does he know how to drive it? Don't you picture this quiet dock in Long Island, with all these stuffy yacht owners sitting around drinking Chardonnay, and then suddenly here comes Latrell, exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph, his yacht shaking from the sounds of Ja Rule, wearing a Knicks jersey and a white captain's hat, and he slams his yacht Beeotch off about five different boats as he's trying to park it? Couldn't somebody videotape this? Please?"

and this followup:

"Two tidbits about Latrell Sprewell's yacht: The boat is actually docked in Milwaukee, and the name of the yacht is "Milwaukee's Best." Now that is comedy. It's the little things in life, isn't it? "