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leave the cannolis

leave the cannolis

I do believe that The Soprano's has jumped the shark.


Jumped the shark? Why? It's been an amazing season.

I think this season has been nothing more than a Mafia version of Dallas.

And oy, the puking has got to stop.

now that gloria's gone I don't wanna have sex with any of the cast. sniff

i watched the sopranos last night... i don't think it's jumped the shark, only by the virtue that it's been agreed by the gang here if we feel mentally disturbed by the sopranos, it's been a good episode.

last night's eppy was F*cked Up. big time. i loved it. (although we watched the new Twilight Zone before it, and it was pretty mucked up too).

It hasn't jumped the shark. They just need to stop letting Michael Imperioli write episodes. As Christopher he's great to watch, but the weakest episodes this year have been the ones that he's written.

Nope, I agree, the show has sucked so far this season. I think it has potential, because they've got a lot of storylines that could develop into something decent...But I may lose interest before that happens.

I'm with you, Michele.
Every ep has been horrifically predictable.
The big story arcs are not the original, stimulating stuff we're used to. And the lack of continuity is shameful. Hello, when did Carmela fall in love with Furio? Over hiatus? (That Federico Castelluccio is an amazing actor, tho. Whew.) The last big surprise was when Adriana puked on the FBI agents, not such groundbreaking™...