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someone get me a tinfoil hat, quick!

someone get me a tinfoil hat, quick!

I just heard on FoxNews that investigators have found other tarot cards at the scene of sniper attacks. There's a huge leak in the investigation and it's too late to plug it up.

Want to hear my theory? Of course you do.

The same person who is leaking the information to the media, most likely for an exchange of money, is the same person who is placing tarot cards at the scenes. Someone in that department is trying to make himself a whole bunch of extra cash and screwing the investigation up in the process. Someone with a bit of a loose screw.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

*update* If you are tired of my facetiousness on this subject, go read Susanna, who is more than qualified to write on the subject, and who does so with intelligence, clarity and sound reasoning.


i have a tinfoil hat you can borrow. but i need it back before Halloween...

Yeah I think the tarot cards are a bunch of opportunistic bullshit. Sooner or later these things get turned into a three-ring-circus while the killing just keeps going on and the investigation is worth shit.

I think you could be right.