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humor me

Well, there used to be a ballot box here. For some reason the poll place I used deleted it.

Suffice it to say that Carrot Top is a king among men, according to most readers.

(The views of the readers to not reflect the views of the author of this site. Personally, I would have went for Invader Zim as my political spokesperson. Or The Brain. I have "take over the world" issues.)


If you remove this tag --br / -- and the two >

thank you!

George Carlin..definately George Carlin

my vote?

michele (i forgot your last name.,.sorry!)

just make sure you make magaritas a requirement

p/s i jsut got my statement but i can't find the charges for your wedding gift...did you get anything?

Rach, we did. We got a beautiful candle holder centerpiece for the living room.

Thanks again. Smooooch!

my spokesman? Jimmy Buffett. and yes, please, bring the margaritas.

nah, fuck the mix, just gimme tequila, salt, and lime.

I'm going to go with George Carlin as well.

Jay Severin is usually about 85% in line with the way I think. And 85% isn't too awfully bad, when you get right down it.

Her. Definitely.

Probably go with George Carlin, too. My favorute quote? FUCK HOPE!

I guess you mean living spokesman, so tha rules out the original Sharp Knife, Andy Jackson.
For pure spokesmen, the other Jackson-Jesse & his Process Protege, Al Sharpton...all they do is 'spokes'!
Can't go with Carlin or Buffett...enjoy some of their work , but both verging on Idiotarianism when it comes to politics.
P.J. O'Rourke has been pretty quiet recently. Larry Miller at Weekly Standard very strong, but it has to be Mark Steyn at National Post. Day in, Day out, trenchant & right on the funny money.
This era's Twain.

Fionna Apple. She has all the attitude of George Carlin, but not quite such foul language.

im with Bran for my spokesman! J.B. all the way!

those guys that do southpark - matt stone & trey parker.

I'll let Jello Biafra do the talkin'....mostly cause I just love that name. (says a lot for my deep thinking, eh?)

kick away.

Yeah, kick away. Byrd has been the lone voice in the wilderness lately. Keep at it, I say.

Carrot Top is my man too! He knows about as much as any ofthe others do!! ;-)

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