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unleash the hounds!

unleash the hounds!

Not for nothing, but for those of you who still think that Saddam can be dealt with in a rational, peaceful manner, I offer you this:

All prisoners in Iraq are to be freed under a general amnesty, Iraqi television has announced.

The statement added that President Saddam Hussein saw the amnesty as a thank you for the 100 percent vote in a referendum endorsing his leadership on Tuesday.

"Prisoners and detainees would be set free immediately except in the case of those who are sentenced or detained because of killing and they would be set free only if the families of victims would forgive them, or if they hand back their debts to the government or people."

The information minister asked the Iraqi people to welcome the prisoners back into society and forgive all of their sins.

I mean, if he wanted to celebrate his success in coercing every citizen to vote for him, he could have handed out lollipops and balloons. Setting prisoners free seems like an odd way to prove that you are a benign, democratic leader who is loved the world over, except by the U.S. Of course, he has only convinced himself of that notion.

So who still wants us to negotiate with this guy? Who still thinks that he won't hesitate to blow his dissenters off the face of the earth?

I'm waiting for Chomsky or one of his cultish followers to insist that Hussein was just kidding, or that the prisoners he is releasing are really good people and this should be viewed as a symbol of Hussein's willingness to forgive and forget. You just know someone is going to see it that way.

Me, I see a guy who is one fry short of a happy meal, and he's got his finger on the "nuke 'em" button.

*update* Kathy Kinsely has an interesting theory that Saddam is releasing the prisoners because he needs the prison buildings for something else.


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Eh, so, is this a reason to bomb the shiznitz out of Iraq or just a funny anecdote?

i was just thinking he was going to say "aren't i nice? i freed you. your family no longer lives in shame. so now you like me enough to drive this yugo full of dynamite into an infidel embassy, right?"

Uh.... If this post shows anything, it is that you are just starting to discover the antics of 3rd world dictators (FYI S.Hussein is notorious to have been one for decades). Nothing worth mentioning.

It's a fox hunt and Saddam just doesn't believe that we've yet to unleash the hounds on him.

Maybe they're just too phecking poor to house a few thousand thieves? If he's a thief, isn't that just good recruiting?? If he were a real threat, don't you think he'd have disappeared by now???