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the white van theory

the white van theory

By now you know there's been another shooting. They haven't linked it to the sniper yet, but they are treating it as such. And, of course, witnesses spotted a white van at the scene.

Personally, I'm discounting any white van sightings. There's several reasons for this.

First of all, I hardly think that a person or persons as cold and calculating as the sniper(s) would drive the same colored, same type vehicle to and from every shooting. We are not dealing with some deranged serial killer here, who has no sense of reality. We are dealing with someone who knows how to plan and implement with a scary precision. A person like that would not be so sloppy as to use the same getaway vehicle each time, especially when there is a dragnet several states wide looking for him/her/them.

Second, does anyone realize how many white vans with ladders on top there are? I know that around these parts, every electrician/carpenter/painter, etc. drives a white box van. It's a very familiar site on the streets each day.

I do have a theory as to why witnesses see a white van each time. It's familiarity. Let me give you an analogy:

When I bought my blue Explorer a few years ago, I suddenly began to see a thousand blue Explorers a day. Why? Because that's what my mind's eye was set to. I was only seeing blue Explorers, not green or silver or black. Another way to look at it would be this: You are in a mall parking lot waiting for a friend to meet you. Your friend drives a white minivan. So as you sit there waiting, it seems like every minivan that pulls into the parking lot is white. That's because you are subconciously blocking out all other colored minivans - your brain is only set on white.

In the instance of the sniper, when witnesses hear shots, see someone go down, there subconcious is automatically thinking "look around for a white van." In a crowded place like a suburban strip mall parking lot, you are bound to see at least one white van. Even if it didn't have a ladder on top, when you are recounting the incident for investigators, you will imagine that you did see a ladder on top. Because that's what you were looking for. You weren't looking for a green mustang or a red pick up. Your mind has been trained to look for a white box van.

If this is the work of the killer(s), the area of concentration seems to be moving south. The sniper(s) has managed to instill fear in a wide, wide range of cities now, and it won't be long before the whole eastern seaboard is under a reign of fear. Quite an accomplishment for one guy with a rifle, don't you think? My theory is that the shootings are not concducted to kill people -that's just a means to an end - but to spread panic and fear among citizens and to put the local law enforcement in a frenzy. Mission accomplished thus far. The only question that remains is, how far will it go? How many states are going to be put under the sniper spell before this is over? And at this rate, will it ever be over?

Ok, that was more than one question. They just come into my mind as I write.

If you want an idea of how the shootings have affected the way people live, go read Meryl, who lives just twenty miles from last night's shooting. I can't imagine what it's like to have to carefully plan out where you will get your tank filled up, and to be afraid to conduct such an ordinary task.

And remember Meryl, walk in a zig-zag fashion.


You know, now that I read all that, and think about it, you're very right. I see my car all over the place. Maybe not so much in my color, but I do notice my car on the roads more. But then, I also wonder, when something like that goes down, it happens so fast, do they really think to look for a white van? I wonder if it's all too much to process in that split second that everything happens. And if they do, do they really even see a white van or are they seeing things?

Such good points you bring up. I dismissed the white van theory after the second or third time I heard it mentioned. I agree with you - this guy is premeditating his murders and planning them so precisely and he's going to drive the same vehicle the whole nation is looking for? Riiiight.

I live just 30 minutes from the Ashland shooting last night, and I have to go buy gas today. I don't know if the killer(s) is really driving a white van / box truck. On one hand, it seems clever of him/them because it's such a common vehicle, no one would notice it until it's too late. On the other hand, since everyone is now looking for white vans / box trucks, you think he/she/them would change vehicles by now. I just keep hoping for some sort of break in the case. You know, something Son of Sam-ish, where they catch him with a parking ticket.

I was smoking yesterday. I sneezed. A booger shot out of my nose. A white van was driving by.
The end.

You know, Michele, that must have been what happened to yesterday's victim. He zagged when he should have zigged.

Wow, could those tips BE any dumber?

you know, chris was saying this very same thing a few days ago -- how hard is it to spot a white van? anywhere, at any time? you look for something, you're going to find what you're looking for. releasing the white van thing was a bad move for law enforecement, effectively eliminating many people looking for other suspicious activity which doesn't involve a white van.

It saddens me that what are suppose to be the greatest law enforcement agencies in the free world,armed and aided with the most advanced technical capabilities available; are essentially impotent and inept at catching one maybe two deranged psycopaths in their own backyard.

What kind of message does this send to all the other pshycos in the rest of the world who are just biding their time?

Hasn't anyone even thought of the possibility of a government cover up. You would think that it would be fairly easy to catch this guy through all the air surveylance available in this modern age. I find it hard to believe this guy is that good.With all the satellite technology the government hoans...they could pinpoint him in seconds. They do it everyday in other cases. Im not saying that this is fact...all Im saying is that with all the activity our government is involved with theses days (taking control of the planet with an iron fists to all who oppose{ a police state of being}), it would not suprise me in the least if they tried to sway our attention elswhere. What better way to do it then to use one of their well trained snipers, who are "orders strictly" emotionless weapons of destruction, to turn our attention. Its sad, but take it from a former "weapon" of theirs...not very far fetched.

Regarding the "White Van Theory;" You were totally right. There was no white van involved, but that is exactly what everybody was programmed to see. If the writer of that article hasn't got his/her PHD yet, he/she ought to seriously consider it.