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drunken superheros

what happens when you get drunk and dress up like superheros

Barring any world-changing news events, I am taking the day off.

See, those tequila and lime drinks last night...well...let's just say I threw my back out engaging in some tricky maneuvers. I'm looking forward to a day of motrin, cartoons, obessing over news channels, reading and not much else. (you would think I had learned my lesson by now)

Unless war breaks out or I suddenly develop superpowers, see you tomorrow. Behave.

Meanwhile, this photo was just begging for a caption, so have at it.

(click for full effect)


lol, take it easy. :)

Pity the guy who's job it is to follow her around with the pooper scooper.

Maybe she's accessing her superpower:
Wynona-power, activate!

She'd better be careful, tho, that's how you get an aneurysm.



WHOA!!! I gotta hold it in or I'll crap myself on-stage!!! But then, wouldn't Aunt Leroy be comforted knowing she's not alone???

"Man, did Naomi pull that old exlax brownie thing again?"

Like that "almost brother-in-law" Michael Bolton I once had, I haven't been able to find a single GENTLE laxative.

You know, Michele, sometimes you gotta say, "I'm too old for this shit" and stop at the fourth or fifth marguerita. The sixth one will just kill you.

Hoopty beat me to it.

Beat you to the obvious, that is. How about some creativity?

"Am I sexy now? No?!? Damn!"

Dammit! I shoulda used Monistat!

I think I see the head.

"What a time for that suppository to kick in!"


You are SO gonna get a spanking for that one, young lady.

"I think I just dropped a little Saddam in my shorts."

Damn! The size 18s fit yesterday...

i said, no flash cameras in here! goddamnit!

Wow, that Stevie Nicks for lunch isn't agreeing with me...

Onstage sex change!

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