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thanks for coming

thanks for coming

I just realized that this week marks the one year anniversary of asmallvictory.net.

I've had the weblog itself almost two years, but I switched over to Dreamhost and my own domain in October, 2001.

I just want to take a moment (before our Friday Night Margaritas and Steak tradition gets the best of me), to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by, especially those who hung around, even when I wrote things that made your blood boil.

This weblog started out as something solely for me. Now it's about me and you. I keep doing this because of everything you give back to me. Even if what you are giving back is not exactly what I wanted, or exactly what I deserved.

I know from obsessing about my referrer logs that I have quite a few lurkers - those who visit often but don't comment. It's ok, I'm a lurker, too. Just say hi once in a while, ok?

Hang on. Justin just handed me another margarita. We seem to be out of margarita mix, so I'm assuming this is just tequila with a lime stuck in it.

Ok. So, here's to my dysfunctional blogging family; that includes every single one of you who are reading this. You're all part of my life...you're all wonderful in your own odd ways, you're all.........damn it, the margaritas are speaking. I may start singing Sinatra songs any minute.

Thank you.

*update* Thanks for all the comments, especially from those who never commented before. Nice to meet you! And thanks to all of YOU for being here.

Tonight is ladies night, 2 for 1 at the bar! Live music! Dancing! Leave your clothes and opinions at the door!


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You rock, Michele. Thanks for providing such a cool place to hang out!

Congrats! I'm only approaching my 6 month mark and I can see this is something that will be a part of me for a long time.

Kinda nice to look back on things you've said and done and know that they'll always be there.

Blog on!

I'm glad you decided to stick around. You're one of my favorite reads :)

Hi :-)

no, thank YOU, michele. and um.. Hi. :-)

happy blogiversary michele! and i'm sorry havent been commenting much. new job has me wiped out and stuff. i am still reading you every morning and night though! =)


Congrats., and hi :)


streaks nekkid through Michele's blog

It always surprises me when an excellent blog hasn't been around since, like, the pioneer days of blogging. Why is that, I wonder. Anyway, I'm glad you're here, I really enjoy reading, even if I don't always comment.

Hi! Lurker #13 (I just like that number) here. Been reading your site off and on ever since I can remember, and glad to be here for the one year anniversary of this one. :-)

I give you a bunch of crap, and you return the like. I love that about our relationship.

P.S. I am having major Yoohoo?? problems. I've tried emailing you about rh and it bounces back. I got one email from mike-- I still don't know if he got the reply.

I do have a new email: jezemel@13thstone.com

Could you put that on the mailing list?

Keep the crap coming, sister!

Hi there.

Congrats, Michele....and thank you.

Dearie, I wouldn't know what to do without you.

I got nuthin but love for ya baby. smooch

It all seems like yesterday, not far away.

Congratulations Michele. You're Here's to many more Anniversaries for both you and Chris at Uffish.

Hi :)
Congrats on the anniversary, love ur site!

Congrats Michele. If I remember right I've been reading since before the move to this domain. You were one of the reasons I started... a difficult example to live up to! Keep it coming.

Hi! I'm a lurker. I don't promise to change, but hi! I hope you're well.

hi ;-)

oh! i remember the move. the stress! had to get the new URL out, the old one went kaboom. was there with you then, here with you now.

rock on.

group hug and all that.

but more importantly : group margaritas. tequila for all.

I'll never know why you place me first out of all bloggers, after raising hell and holy-fucking-shit-day, but I'll relish that position.

I had a drink tonight for you.
Granted, a cranberry and vodky (a href=http://tjr.blogspot.com title="fantastic Sam">TJ) made this all possible. But I swear, you and I and Mark and Bazima and I are having a drink soon. Soon. After Tyler comes down here. And I go up there.



Awww... we loves ya, Michele.

My first time here. I just had to say I love the title and can totally relate.

there are so many things i love about you and about this place..it's addictive!

happy anniversary...huggies

Hi...another lurker here. I've been reading for awhile. Happy anniversary!!


Happy anniversary... love your blog. Love your opinions. Love your sense of humor.

Watch that tequila, it bites.

Happy anniversary, Michele. Yours is among the very first sites I started to read when I joined the blogging community, and I continue to make it a daily read, even though I don't comment often.

Keep up the good work.

next time you get drunk that this I expect a phone call, dang it!!!!


Congrats on keeping it going for so long. You're whatever the female equivalent of a mensch is. :)

Michele - I'm one of those lurkers to which you referred. Should have written sooner as I haven't missed a day since I discovered you 6 months ago.
Forgiven? Your tequila's waiting anywhere in NYC.

Hugs, Terry

Congrats on getting that 1st year under yer belt... even with all the ups and downs of the past year [especially all the ups & downs since the nuptuals]...

Keep rocking Long Island...

hi! happy anniversary!

Congratulations! And I feel like I have directly been responsible for margarita madness nights at your house. My work here is done!

hmm. . .i'm a lurker. . .have been for about 4 months. i orginally found your site when conducting a google search for the band AFI. i subsequently did not find any info about this band (who are VERY good) on your site, but i stuck around and read a few entries and found them entertaining as well as sporadically thought-provoking. i also had to look up what the hell a 'blog' was, heh. Then, i saw that you hail from LI, and i could relate to the traffic rants (i live in Riverhead). so, anyway, you were my intro to the blog world, and i'd like to wish you a happy 1 year anniversary!

Happy Anniversary ;)

BLURKERS. The correct term is blurkers. ;-) Meanwhile, I'm never too ashamed to speak up on your blog because you rock. And Kymberlie may be responsible for margarita madness, but I hope I'm responsible for the comforting cup of coffee the morning after.

Now that you've been here a year, WHERE is your PictureYourself photo? I'm waiting... Come on. Give it up.

Day late, but the thought still holds...Happy Blogday!

happy blog anniversary, and thanks for all that you have shared...

Love you! You have taught me much, even without saying a word!! Keep being you - don't change for ANYONE! Happy Blogiversary!



um... another lurker says hi.

I get to share my sister with the world. How cool is that?

Depends on what you mean by share, Lisa.

As far as I know, you're not a street walker, so I refer to the blog. Do you have something to tell me??? Is that why everyone calls you Madam?