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gone from the headlines

gone from the headlines

Look at this. Follow it to the end. Watch it twice if you have to. Look at the last frame again. Let it sink in.

The Bali bombings have all but disappeared from the news in the U.S.

I haven't forgotten. I won't forget. I'm not going to let you forget either.

On Wednesday night, four-year-old Breanna Croxford went to her parents' bedroom in the family's Port Melbourne home and called out for her mother.

There was no reply. Breanna is still too young to understand that her mother, Donna Croxford, is among the missing in Bali.

drivel warehouse: australian blog keeping you informed.

Red Cross of Australia: give a little bit.

infographic link via cheesedip


thank you! i emailed the sydney morning herald asking for charities and didn't hear back.

This morning, the Bali story got dropped off the headlines in favour of a story about a police enquiry over a sportsman playing for Man Utd.

Which is obviously more important when you think about it.

Who reads the American news, anyway?
I (heart) the Graudian. I read it even before the NYT.
I wish there were a contest for newsmedia like the Webbys. No, wait, not like the Webbys, those suck ass. But I want to be able to cast a vote for "best use of flash by newsmedia, ever." That was some damned fine reporting. CNN and MSNBC should cower in the face of that nifty presentation.