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i got a woody

i got a woody

Somebody has been smoking his own hemp jacket.

Woody Harrelson isn't happy with America, and that's ok. That's his right to feel that way. But let's invoke that "glass houses" rule for a minute.

Woody says:

And now my government is creating its second war in less than a year. No; war requires two combatants, so I should say "its second bombing campaign"..

Woody is guilty of the very things he is accusing his government of!

The Woody Harrelson Bombing Campaign:

1991: Doc Hollywood
1993: Indecent Proposal
1994: The Cowboy Way
1995: Money Train
1996: People v. Larry Flynt
1998: Palmetto
1999: Ed TV

That's a lot of bomb-dropping, pal. Think of all the starving children you could have fed with the money spent on those films. Think of all the money that could have went into your idea to "make paper and fuel from wheat straw, rice straw and hemp."

Guy's got a thing about hemp. Someone should play a good joke on him and tell him we're about to bomb Panama.


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1992: White Men Can't Jump

Hey, Woody's GOD! At least, that's what I heard Watermelon call him. Geeze....and to think....I can remember, barely, when smoking pot was thought to be cool. These people do all the "Say No To Drugs" work for us, don't they?

I'm sure you are kidding when implying that hemp equates to marijuana.But on the slim chance you don't already know-
Hemp is a product (or many products) made from the fiber of the cannabis plant. The variety of cannabis grown for hemp is not the same grown for smoking. It is bred for it's fiber capacity, not for it's THC potency. Thus cannabis grown for hemp has a miniscule amount of THC and cannot be smoked to get you high (you'd just get a headache). So Cannabis has different subspecies with different characteristics, and the kind grown for hemp is a subspecies (which means it can still breed with the subspecies that produce lots of THC, but would likely ruin them for THC production).
Here's a handy list of the many uses of hemp.

Don't forget his many appearences on Will and Grace and Cheers.

Whats with the berate everyone that doesn't want to bomb campaign? First its school teachers, now its woody harrelson. personally, woody harrelson wouldn't be worth my time. Well, ok I enjoyed cheers.

Personally I think he does more damage to my side of the fence than good?

Edgar - teachers and Woody Harrelson do not encompass everyone.

And I didn't berate teachers on a whole. I berated the California Federation of Teachers.

As for Woody, I can't stand him, and it has nothing to do with his stance on bombing. I hate him before he went all whack job. Honestly, I know many, many liberal who wish he would just shut up already.


catches his breath


can i trade you one thermonuclear white men can't jump for the biochemical but i got to see courtney love die larry flynt?

I did like what woody had to say though.

Woody Harrelson is a piece of dirt. His father is a convicted murderer who admits he killed his victim, and Woody tried to use his fame to get his father paroled.

I can't stand him, either. Acting? What acting?

Woody didn't suddenly "go all whack job", he was that way from the beginning. Runs in his family. His Dad's in the federal pen for trying to murder a judge. Back when the Woodster was still doing Cheers, he was disrupting traffic in S.F. with one hippy protest or another.

He does owe America, especially its children, huge reparations for his extensive bombing campaign, though. Somebody, please stop him before he gets behind a camera again and drops The Big One.

Oops, my bad. Woody's Dad was actually convicted of murder. He put a contract hit out on a judge.

So, when does Woody become a UN Goodwill Ambassador?

Whats with the berate everyone that doesn't want to bomb campaign?

It's not everyone and we, or at least I am not berating them for being against bombing but for their mindless anti-defense stance. A while back I posted a challenge to come up with an alternative to war, with two caveats - 1)that simply doing nothing is not a reasonable alternative and 2)that doing the same things that have been tried in the past is not a reasonable alternative. I did not get a single response. What the anti-defense protesters really want is to just go back to September 10th and pretend nothing bad ever happened or ever will happen.