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everyday is halloween

everyday is halloween

Another season, another mix cd or two. The last one I made was my summer mix. I'm ready to move on to Halloween.

Here's what I have so far. Suggestions welcome. I'd like to make this a two cd set.

Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones (It was a choice between this and 100 other Misfits songs)
Alice Cooper - Welcome to my Nightmare
Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead
Joy Division - Dead Souls
White Zombie - El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama
Brujeria - Sacrificio
Slayer - Necrophobic
Ministry - Everyday is Halloween
AFI - Halloween (Misfits cover. Download here)
Ramones - Pet Semetary
Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast

Add your own. Eventually I'm going to have some kind of Halloween caption contest and I'll offer copies of the cds as a prize.


Although you already have the White Zombie, I figure you can never go wrong with Rob. So here's a suggestion:
Living Dead Girl, Rob Zombie.

"Code Blue" by T.S.O.L. is always a winner for the Halloween spirit. Maybe "Rats" by Rasputina as well. Dead Can Dance is good for the occasion as well.

You can't not have Black Sabbath, by Black Sabbath.

If you want a vampire theme, you want "I Love the Night" and "Nosferatu" by Blue Oyster Cult.

"Halloween" by Dead Kennedys..

"Iron Man" - Black Sabbath
"Don't Fear the Reaper" - Blue Oyster Cult
"Careful with That Axe, Eugene" - Pink Floyd

45 grave - procession
cramps - human fly
cure - spiderman
otto's daughter - einz zwei drei

oooh, cramps.....maybe Goo Goo Muck, too.

Goo Goo Muck! I was killing my brain trying to think of that song.

Oingo Boingo, "Dead Man's Party".

Grr. I am tired of people putting "Everyday is Halloween" on their All Hallow's mixes. If you've got to put a Ministry track on, it should be scary, like "Stigmata." And I'd recommend Skinny Puppy's "Spasmolytic."

And you should definitely check out some of the doomy ambient bands on the Cold Meat Industry label. Songs like a black mass inside a steel factory.

cough that Cure song is really called Lullaby

This one would probably stick out strangely in context of the other songs, but I can't help suggest it: Turn Around by TMBG.

Jake, the word "Halloween" in the song sort of gives it the flavor I'm looking for.

However, I am all about the Norse metal/industrial/ambient bans.

Actually, the context is pretty good, X.

I was out by myself in the graveyard I was doing an interpretive dance
When I felt something heavy and pointed
Strike me in the back of the neck
And then the ghost of my dance instructor
Pushed me down into an open grave
And as dirt rained down she played a xylophone
And sang me this song Turn around, turn around
There's a thing there that can be found
Turn around, turn around
It's a human skull on the ground
Human skull on the ground
Turn around

I like it.

i knew "spiderman" didn't sound right. it's more halloweeny, tho... ;)

hey, and concrete blonde - bloodletting, while i'm at it.

Devil Doll - Dies Irae. Could anything be scarier than Italian horror prog?

the bats are in the belltower
the victims have been bled red velvet lines...

bella lugosi's dead.

"Red Right Hand" Nick Cave

Excellent choice, Kel. I knew I would eventually stick something from Nick on the cd.

High Caliber Consecrator or Frankenstien by Clutch

High Caliber Consecrator or Frankenstien by Clutch

Ooh! Thought of another one. "Voodoo" by Godsmack.

(This will be all I think about the rest of the night now... sigh)

Good. Keep thinking Kel, because I hate Godsmack. No offense meant, of course.

also detests Godsmack in an unexplainable akin-to-Creed way

I can't believe no one has suggested Black # 1 by Type O Negative. Listen to it again. I only thought of it after this post and I hadn't heard it in about 7 years.

"Little wolf skin boots.
And clove cigarettes.
An erotic funeral.
For witch she's dressed.
Her perfume smells like.
Burning leaves.
Everyday is Halloween."

Criminy, that's halloween-sterical.

Ok, I kind of like it too.

OK, OK, I missed the title

OK, just to give you all an excuse to laugh at me, I will put in my two cents. This isn't really my suggestion to put on your CD, just my personal favorite halloweeny song. Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens. Yes it's a classical piece. The lyrics and translation can be found here http://www.recmusic.org/lieder/l/lahor/danse.macabre.html. I saw a cartoon of dancing skeletons set to this piece way back in elementary school, and I still remember it to this day :)

Let the mocking begin...

If you're gonna put Alice Cooper in there, I'd suggest "Black Juju" over "Nightmare." Just sayin'. And there's also a song called DOA by somebody or other, I think they were called Bloodrock maybe, which is just dumb as hell but creeped me completely when I was a kid. Oooh-kay, yes, you're right, I'm going back to sleep now. Nice meds, nice meds. Out of the blue and into the black. Nighty-night.

"Cemetery Gates" by Pantera. One of my all-time favorite metal songs. And it was on the soundtrack for that Tales From the Crypt movie too!

How about some Roky Erikson, he has a few appropriate songs:

Two Headed Dog
If You Have Ghosts
I Think Of Demons
I Walked With A Zombie
Creature With The Atom Brain
Night Of The Vampire
Don't Shake Me Lucifer
Bloody Hammer
Stand For The Fire Demon
White Faces
If You Have Ghosts
I'm A Demon
The Beast
Bo Diddley's a Headhunter

How about some Roky Erikson, he has a few appropriate songs:

Two Headed Dog
If You Have Ghosts
I Think Of Demons
I Walked With A Zombie
Creature With The Atom Brain
Night Of The Vampire
Don't Shake Me Lucifer
Bloody Hammer
Stand For The Fire Demon
White Faces
If You Have Ghosts
I'm A Demon
The Beast
Bo Diddley's a Headhunter

Sorry, server told me the first attempt failed.

what? No "thriller".

and yes, that is a joke.

what? No "thriller".

and yes, that is a joke.

And what about "Witches" by Switchblade Symphony?

Skeletons white
They glow in the night
Goblins entrance
With their wicked dance
And they're moving as far as they can
And as fast as they can
Your dreams are filled
With blood and gore
Now they're right outside your door
They're gonna get you

what, no Danzig? heh heh...

I hate Godsmack, too, but for some reason I love that one song. The rest of the CD blows. The cold has taken over my brain. I'm out of ideas. Looks like you got a bunch of good suggestions though.

I went ahead and recorded googoomuck for you. Couldn't find the original. Forgive the Elvis impersonation.

Tom Waits- "Black Rider"
Nick Cave- "Up Jumped the Devil"
Coil- "Love's Secret Domain"
Rasputina- "Transylvanian Concubine" (well, just about anything by them, really)
Anthrax- "Intro to Reality" & "Belly of the Beast" (must be played in sequence)

There are also a host of goofy/creepy psychobilly bands out there, like Demented Are Go, Necromantix, and the Hellbillys, if you're mp3-downloadin' inclined.

Touch of Evil by Beef Savage!

Two words: King Diamond.

No Halloween compilation is complete without "Halloween" by King Diamond...

one of the creepiest songs ever recorded: burial waltz by the fugs on it crawled into my hand, honest: bury me in an apple orchard that i may touch your lips again

Hunh, stumbled across this website b/c I'm looking to make one myself. Was looking for ideas.
Here's some that I had as well:
Ian Brown -Thriller (slower Michael Jackson Cover)
John Wesley Harding-Your Ghost
AC/DC -Hell's Bells
Gus-Don't Fear the Reaper (B.O.C. Cover)
General stuff by Danny Elfman gives that Saint Saens effect