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news for the naive

news for the naive

subtitle: With Cheese!

News from the "Am I Supposed to be Surprised by this?" Department:

Prince Georges Police Department Detective Paula Pascarella, who is part of the task force, told WorldNetDaily on Friday that authorities are investigating the possibility of teams of snipers using more than one .223-caliber rifle and traveling in more than one white vehicle......

...Authorities now suspect the so-called tarot card left near a Maryland school-shooting scene is more a "red herring" than a break in the case. Police still have not made the document public.


Saddam Hussein won another seven-year term as Iraq's president in a referendum in which he was the sole candidate, taking 100 percent of the vote, the Iraqi leader's right-hand man announced Wednesday.

All 11,445,638 of the eligible voters cast ballots, said Izzat Ibrahim, vice chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council that is Iraq's key decision-making body.

In other news, scientists have discovered that earth is round, and the Enquirer is reporting that the Pope is Catholic!


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the Pope is Catholic???

There's a Pope?!!!

Yeah, you got to love those gritty votes where the people have the tough choice of voting yes or no for the person that is still going to be in power tomorrow either way.



Dude. I don't know if I can live in a world with a Catholic Pope and a round shape. It's just all to bizzare. Next, you'll be telling me that cigarettes are bad for me.

Oh, and chocolate has a lot of fat and calories.


The pope secretly converted to Anglican back in 92, my sources tell me.

I was watching cnn's inside politics and Judy Woodruff was interviewing The Miami Herald's Humor Columnist Dave Berry. He said that he had late breaking news concerning Palm Beach Co.'s election officials. They just found another 472 votes for Saddam during the latest recount.

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