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daschle in dockers

daschle in dockers

I watch an awful lot of C-Span. Sometimes it's downright boring but lately you sense a certain tension - an almost uptight, constipated sort of feeling, coming off the floor.

I think Dress Down Fridays or even Hawaiian Shirt Tuesdays could go a long way towards loosening things up a bit.

Or maybe some industrial strength ex-lax.


Maybe karaoke night or something.

Oh yea. I can just see Byrd singing "Rock the Casbah"

my dad used to watch copious amounts of c-san, which i found dreadfully boring. now i watch it too, as it's the only network that shows the news as it happens and doesn't try to spin it to fit some agenda. i'm turning into my asshole pop's but who gives a shit...

Brilliant idea with the Hawaiian shirt Tuesdays. I can just see my crazy ass representatives rocking the Hawaiian threads.

You can't possibly beat the House of Commons for uptightness. If you stuck a lump of coal up their asses... they'd hit you.

I think some Ex-Lax would do Tom Daschle a world of good. I will eschew making any "full of of shit" jokes, though.