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the grind

the grind

As I sit here flipping from news channel to news channel I'm struck by many thoughts.

Are these daily press conferences really necessary? Have they not given thought to the fact that the killer(s) might be intoxicated by the notoriety he is receiving? The daily briefings, the constant stream of officials stepping up to the podium, the news vans lingering at the crim scene all day long, they all will feed his sick ego.

Basically, the briefings say nothing. Every question is met by a "no comment" or a previously heard statement or "we can't answer that question at this time."

Why is noone expounding on the fact that there so far have been three different types of vehicles identified? They keep referring to the person as "the killer" in singular, yet every pundit and newscaster and man on the street has spoken of this being a team effort. The police and FBI, however, have not made any mention of this aspect of the case.

Do they think the public is really that naive or dumb? Obviously there are things they know that they aren't telling us. They want the public's help - plead for it, in fact - yet they are treating the public as if we are babies who need to be spoon fed information.

Then they tell the citizens of the area to please go about their normal business. Right. That's exactly what all the victims were doing to begin with. So sure, let's just stick our heads in the sand and tell people to go ahead, shop at Michael's, fill your tank up at a self-serve, walk non-chalantly through parking lots. Sorry, but there is no normal in that area anymore.

The anti-gun brigade has come out in full force, using the shootings for opportunistic chances at selling their platform. Fingerprinting guns? I don't know the first thing about firearms; I have never even held a gun. But it seems to me as if there is a way around the fingerprinting of a gun. A metal nail file ought to do the trick, no? Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

It's not as if I'm out here being a gun advocate. I just hate when people use something like this to get on their platforms and sing. Similar to the idiots who are filling up newspapers with "root cause" hyperbole regarding the Bali bombings. Just shut up, step back and let people mourn and grieve before you start using their personal tragedies as your selling point.

Let's get these guys (or person) already. Take him down in a hail of bullets.

I'm feeling violent and vengeful today. I want to take down bin Laden's henchmen and Hussein and the sniper(s) all in one shot. Line up, shoot the motherfuckers down, be done with it.

Damn, I'm grinding my teeth again.


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Not to be little Suzy Sunshine, but if you did shoot 'em all, there'd be somebody else right behind them, doing the same thing or worse.

I'd prefer they didn't kill the sniper(s) right out....I want to know why he/she/they did what they did first. I want to know what he/she/they were thinking, what the motives were. Then kill 'em.

There's little Suzy Sunshine!!! points LOOK!!!!

Hoopty, have I told you lately that you're a dork?

Wait, I'm the one who brought up Suzy Sunshine. So...I guess I'm a dork too.

I'm with Sylvain on the sniper dude(tte)... figure out what's making him tick before you stop the ticking permanently.
The other two, you can go ahead and kill before asking questions, though.

Man, killers, one and all, eh? Just kill 'em all? Let god sort 'em out? Kill all the killers, then kill yerself? Is violence really the best solution to violence?

I do agree that the blanket news coverage is probably the worst thing for all this. But hey, anything to keep attention away from the War on Terrah, right?

in ref. to the fingerprinting guns....what is actually being bandied about is the old idea of registering bullet fingerprints (each gun, when fired, puts certain marks on the bullet, each gun leaving different marks like a fingerprint so that the bullet can trace back to which gun it was fired from thus who the guns owner is), which has long been opposed by the gun toting freaks of this country. of course this is much too logical and reasonable for the nra, knowing which gun fired which bullet so obviously infringes upon the right to own a gun. so obvious.

I'm totally on board with killing the fuckers, and no, I don't want to hear why they did it. They are sick, twisted, pathetic losers who get off on killing people. Do you really need to know more than that?

This sick fuck actually affected my class's behavior today. They cancelled recess at local schools, and I'm 90 miles from D.C.

Goddamn sick bastards. Yeah, I'm with you, Michele. Kill him/them.

Mikrophon...pretending that we humans are other than killers is naive at best. It is an admirable aspiration but we are so not there yet.

And I, personally, have the sack to accept responsibility for the deviant members of our race...and the proper disposition thereof. Leaving it to a "higher power" or burying my head in the sand until they decide to stop killing people is just a good way to get more folks dead. I have two small children and I will kill to protect them, to make their world a better place.