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today's tin foil hat award

today's tin foil hat award

I was doing some self-appointed research on consispiracy theorists about a year ago. I came across this Sollog fellow and signed up for his mailing list because it was good blog material, not to mention unintenionally amusing. Sollog led me to 24 7 News Net, the Alternative News Wire, which is really nothing more than gory headlines, dubious auctions and Sollog news.

Sollog has predicted many, many things. Oh yes. He predicted the World Trade Center attacks and he predicted the war on terrorism and he hangs out with Nikkee the Psychic Babe.

I don't know why we bother with silly things like detectives and the FBI when we have Nikkee and Sollog around. For Sollog the magnificent has found the key to the DC shootings. Not that anyone asked him.

It's all about Satan, of course. Sollog says that the shootings, if drawn out on a map, are going to form a pentagram (insert creepy organ music here). In fact, the first two shootings formed a (organ music) satanic cross!

Of course he ties this all in with last night's shooting in Falls Church, Virginia. You can see this one coming, can't you? Falls Church = (insert "Omen" like music here) FALL OF THE CHURCH!

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Sollog, the pal that he is, introduces us to one Luciferius, a person or people whose website is devoted to the church of satan plus poetry and music! Luciferius made a song called The Virgin Mary Sacrifices a/k/a The Virginia Maryland Sacrifices. Sample lyrics:

I shall draw bloody crosses of sacrifice on a map I shall draw lines of fire to kill many I shall draw a perfect blood sacrifice I shall draw fear across VIRGINia MARYland

Above DC I shall draw my bloody cross
Above DC I shall make St Peterís cross
Above DC on heads of sacrifices I shall set my cross
Above DC and above THE LAW I shall kill with the hairy cross of my scope

Hairy cross of your scope? Dude, that just sounds so wrong.

It doesn't take much research to figure out that Sollog and Luciferius and most likely Nikkee and 24 7 News are all one in the same people. Of course, they make not of that fact themselves in the last line of the DC song: Soul Log says we are all GOD, I AM GOD. Soul Log. Yes.

I'm just saying, if all this psychic, metaphysical stuff is real, why not call them in? Let's get Sollog into FBI headquarters so he can draw out his map of where the killer will strike next. Even better, let's get John Edwards in there, too and he can channel the victims to see if they can give any more information.

Now Sollog and Nikkee have their panties in a bunch because Fox News "slandered" their good name. I offer you this sentence from the 24 7 site as proof of the utter lunacy of these two clowns:

If you want to see real journalists go to MSBC with Nachman and Donahue, at least they have a small splatter of brain to speak with.

Did she just call Donahue a real journalist?

I rest my case and offer Sollog and Nikkee both a tin foil hat.

(as Mig points out in the comments, beware the tenacious pop-ups)


But ya gotta love their turn of phrase... Heeelarious!!

boy, that's one tenacious pop-up on nikkee's site. beware.

All I needed to see was the link to an execution video, and that 'Nikkee' was the Greek goddess of victory.

'24 7' has me feeling annoyed from head to foot. Thanks.

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getting the cootmeister annoyed is a pretty difficult task. Hell, you could even try his hairy crosshairs thingy. Just bash that awhile and see what it gets you.
....oh.....and if you see your mother today....be sure and tell her....

SATAN!!!!! SATAN!!!! SATAN!!!!!!

Well, the idea that the shooter could be drawing a symbol isn't all that farfetched in and of itself - after all, Luke Whats-his-name, the mailbox bomber from earlier in the year, we trying to draw a smiley face on the map.

Whether or not the shooter actually is doing that is another matter completely.

Personally I think the crop circles are behind all of this.

Rather than tin foil hats, I suggest colored cellophane. Why should these people be protected?

tiny point of contention:
John Edward, not Edwards(even though that's not his real last name). Family friend.
Besides, the FBI already has "remote-viewers" on the payroll.

Doh! That should read "was trying" - sigh...

oooh, creepy creepy. tin foil hat award, indeed.