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the b-list

the b-list

I have reliable information that written statement from bin Laden that the media is showing today is a fake!

My informant, who shall obviously remain nameless, secured for me a copy of the real note.

(oh, click for the big picture already, it's not really offensive, I swear)


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That one's a fake too. We all know Osama bin Laden doesn't eat Fruity Pebbles. He's a Count Chocula kind of guy.

...and he definitely wouldn't eat honey-glazed cereal either. Imagine trying to get all those wholesome O's out of a fully-fledged beard like that...

Doesn't people calling him OBL make him sound like he's in the Wu Tang Clan? With Al Qza?

Ol' Dirty Laden reprezentin'.

pecunia non olet ... as say italians.