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the company I keep

the company I keep

Hey, I'm the site of the day over at Right Wing News!. (thank you, John)

Go ahead. Say something witty. You know you want to.


what. the. fuck.

"something witty."

i so needed to get that off my chest. thanks.

It's like Vanilla Ice calling attention to Elvis.

Oh Michele.

You stroke it to the left AND you stroke it to the right.

Clarence Carter's got nothing on you.

I always knew you were a fascist. It comes from being a Yankee fan. :p

Red Sox fans are commies!!!

now that you've won, will you be going to Disneyland?

EuroDisney, baby.

Why are they featuring a liberal Pollyanna on that site? It's just like my Dad used to say, the whole dang Internet's going to hell in a handbasket...

That's two insults in one phrase, Reid. You're walking a real thin line.

Wow. I just checked out that 'Right Wing News' site, and it's a real trip. I have the sneaking suspicion that someone over there thinks they're performing in front of a captive mob audience though. Maybe they are...

I've been scrubbing for an hour and I still can't get the faint smell of smugness off my browser window.

Still, if they need to shut their candle in their basement to keep it burning...

At least the Right recognizes your thoughts about the war and wants to share them. With all your pro-left, anti-Bush, anti-Ashcroft, anti-Rumsfeld talk, etc., I never saw any Left wing sites give you that kind of acknowledgement.

It's so easy for people to give comments such as "what. the. fuck." and show their disappointment in you for having a mind of your own. If the liberal-left says anything pro-war is wrong, then the cattle follow, regardless of intelligent debate or even compromise. Maybe we should just give Saddam a "time out".

Good for you.

It's the very same on the Right, Leigh.
If the conservative-right says anything anti-war is wrong, then the cattle follow. In fact, it doesn't really matter who says what,or even who is right or wrong, the cattle always follow.
Hawkins is more than just "right-wing"; he's a neocon xtian fundie, and a mean-spirited one at that. But.....to each his/her own...he's not the worst I've seen. And he's not really interested in intelligent debate or even comprimise, at least in my experience.

we're very happy to have michele on our blogroll, even though most people consider us a left blog (however, we consider ourselves to be in the exact center of the universe).

we happily told michele to hold her convictions high, and stay true to them, when she begged off of participating in the recent anti-iraq-invasion blogburst last week.

we'd rather know people who have the courage of their convictions than hang around with folks that just repeat one party line or the other (although "party line" may be the wrong phrase...both parties are pretty indistinguishable from each other these days).