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peace love and understanding war

what's so funny about peace, love and understanding my need for war?

Another week come and gone and I'm glad to be rid of that one. It was an interesting week around these parts, one where my opinions on certain matters caused the strain of several relationships.

To those people, I would like to say this: whether you are pro-war or against the war, whether you want to use pre-emptive strikes or mediated discussions to deal with our enemies, our goal is essentially the same: we want to live without fear.

We may all have different ideas of how to get to that place, but in the end we have the same wants and needs and desires.

I want to live in a world where I am not always waiting for the other shoe to drop; where I don't have to be frightened when a plane seems to be flying a bit too low, where the daily headlines don't make me want to crawl back into bed and hide under the covers, where I don't have a sense of impending doom hanging over my head every day.

I need to secure a safe future for my children. I need to know that they are going to grow up in a world free of tyrants who will not hesitate to terrorize their day to day life with threats of bombs and chemicals. I need to make this world one in which their future does not include gas masks and underground shelters.

I desire peace. I desire a world in which countries and people can co-exist without arms and borders. That is my pipe dream, I know. I am not naive enough to believe it can really happen, but that's the thing about desires; they often mingle with fantasy.

I am disappointed in those that choose to abandon friendships over political views. I am, however, more disappointed in those that choose to ridicule another person for having a different opinion than their own.

Our beliefs are a very personal thing. They come from deep inside, made up of pain and suffering and listening and thinking and compromising. They are part of our very soul, they make us who we are. To ridicule someone over their belief is to ridicule the person as a whole.

If you abandon a relationship because of politics or religion, you abandon your ability to accept others for who they are. In that case, you were probably not worthy of having as a friend to begin with.

All anyone wants is peace and safety. The issues of how we get there form a broad range of emotions and I can see where they would open up a forum for heated discussion and debate. I don't expect you to back down from your beliefs just to maintain a friendship. In fact, I admire you more if you fight me tooth and nail on every issue without cowering or conceding just to end the debate. What I admire even more is your ability to have these discussions, differ on the issues, and still go out for a beer together on Friday night.

It would be nice if we could settle the world's disputes with a pitcher of beer, a game of air hockey, and a pat on the ass for the winner.


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I stick to the rule of not discussing politics or religion..these two subjects are way too combustable and people are too rabidly opinionated about them..to the point of shedding blood, as we know. We can argue and discuss these things all day long..going 'round and 'round and we will still end up at the same place we started out at. Nothing is ever proven or solved and nothing ever really changes. There will always be a war somewhere, there will always be a fear, there will always be something unknown, there will always be a madman for every generation. We can either consume ourselves in angst and arguement over these facts or get on with our lives because nothing is for certain and nothing is promised and that includes tomorrow. Friendships are way more important than political or religious differences.

But you know what, at least you're not afraid of voicing your opinion. Granted, I don't know what you're like in person, but it sounds like you're as willing to state your views face to face as you are on here. There are too many people in the world who either don't care, don't know, or are too content to simply have their views spoon fed to them.

Excellent entry. To be honest, people who are a little too eager to go blow other people up make me a tad nervous. I'm convinced that some people really don't want to live in a peaceful world.

I suck at air hockey and only drink fake beer these days - but I'll take a pat on the ass.

A good posting.

I admire the fact that I can be anti-war and a Red Sox fan and you don't ban my IP from...bzzzztttt....

"It would be nice if we could settle the world's disputes with a pticher of beer, a game of air hockey, and a pat on the ass for the winner."

You're obviously just a liberal Pollyanna and self-admitted ass fetishist who can't spell or come up with an entry title without ripping off someone talented.

But if you're buying the beer, I'm there.

I'm sorry, that was mean. I shouldn't have called you "liberal." I guess I'm reduced to sarcasm because it seems equally ridiculous to me that an established friendship would end due to political differences ... unless that friendship had a foundation in politics to begin with.

I had a weblog for over a year before 9-11, didn't write nearly as much about the political arena, but made the acquaintance of a lot of "Net friends" one might describe as liberal. Today, some of them still come to my site and engage me in commentary debate (or do so via e-mail), and though we might heartily disagree, it doesn't diminish my opinion of them as a thinking person who I like for reasons above and beyond politics. In fact, because of that basis of friendship, I give their thoughts weight that I might not give to others, and I engage them seriously.

I don't know, I guess I've been lucky, or intimidating, or less visited ... or something that has kept me relatively free pointless ad hominem harassment, via comments or e-mail. And to my knowledge, no friends have "dumped me" due to my occasionally pointed views.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling "left out" in that area at all.

What are you talking about? I spelled "pitcher" right!

hides bottle of white-out

If you want, I can come over to your blog and call you a warhawk and start a fight.

Just so you don't feel left out, you know?

look, just because I think saddam and dubya should go round for round, pound for pound, in the fart-on-his-head-for-world-domination, and you think that Dubya should be able to eat beans first, doesn't mean our friendship doesn't exist. I mean, I can smell your farts from here...

"If you abandon a relationship because of politics or religion, you abandon your ability to accept others for who they are. In that case, you were probably not worthy of having as a friend to begin with."

Having had someone do this to me over a (personal opinion) disagreement, I believe this is exactly right.

You know, just because everybody's agreeing with you, that friendships should withstand differences in ideology...i'm tempted to disagree.

So...You're WRONG dammit.



Not only would I pat you on the ass, Hoopty, but I would kick it soundly also.

Somedays I really need my glasses...I thought that said you'd LICK Hoopty's ass.

There few subjects I just don't discuss with people (politics and religion) as it sparks a huge debate, and it's usually when you're drinking and usually you're just getting more drunk. Then it just gets to be a shouting match to see who can make their voice louder. I really don't want to wake up the next morning with no voice because I was a schmuck the night before. The aforementioned subjects are usually diverted in the beginning of the conversation with.. "Look, 30 Helens agree to disagree, so lets just drink and talk about stupid shit that makes us laugh!" Or something like that. I don't want to sprain my brain while drinking. Makes for a much worse hangover.

Anyway, I was rambling. Did someone say pitcher of beer and pat on the ass? Air hockey? I'm NOT dropping the puck in front of Hoopty! :oP

Well come and live in New Zealand then!!! We're such a tiny little country that nobody gives a shit about us.... and it's the best thing ever!

I need/want a good ass-kicking. DROP THE DANG PUCK!!!!

We're all trying to sort out our feelings about this. Whatever your convictions, it's all scary. I for one am glad you're sharing your opinions with us. Thanks Chele.

I'm certainly glad you feel the way you do, Michele, otherwise we would have stopped talking years ago. And if you pat me on the ass, I'll give you a dead-arm. Bring on the war.

That's why I made a point of saying that 'you rock' in a previous post about Saddam. Mature, intelligent people can draw different conclusions from the same set of facts.

I don't doubt for a moment the sincerity of your ultimate desire for peace, and I love reading your thoughts, and others, about current events. This is true, even when I strongly disagree.

If I lived on the East coast, I might have a different opinion on world issues. It has been a horrible year in the New York and DC area. I just hope all this madness ends soon. You rock, Michele.:)

Sorry for the delay of pingage on this post, Michelle. I just got my pinger working today, after finding it broke when I tried to ping you the other day. Tested it on this post as it was the one I had wanted to ping in the first place. :-)

If you abandon a relationship because of politics or religion, you abandon your ability to accept others for who they are. In that case, you were probably not worthy of having as a friend to begin with.

Can you really say there was a relationship, if it's dropped over politics or religion? To me, that's like saying, "Ew! You aren't like me! Get out!" As different people, there are bound to be people that don't see things as we do. So, I agree that it would be silly to not be able to say to a friend, "Hey, let's agree to disagree."