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It's been a good day.



Do you really need other players on the field when you have Favre? 31 NFL teams are petitioning for the guy's immediate resignation. Hell, he's making the space-fillers on the lineups of about 20 teams feel bad about themselves...

Hoping for a similar high when the Niners face the Seahawks tomorrow.

Rooting for the Pack or against the Pats?

If pro-Pack where did the interest come from since you're in NY?

Sean, see here for why I am a fan of the Pack.

A tour conductor we had in Cancun was a Green Bay fan.

Oh, well. Let's meet up for the first Wings/Islanders meeting.

gads. i was hoping for a cute picture of brett. i'm sorry about your friend. did he have any shares of the team? do you?

His dad has shares. I just have some great memories.

I know it's a bit sad celebrating a win over the Seahawks, but here goes...

San Francisco 28 Seattle 21

Yaaaaaaay. Where's your playoff potential now, Mr Warner? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (splutter. cough. chokes on pop tart)

Oh yeah, and Oakland lost too, so life is good.