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my agenda

my agenda

Apparently I have an agenda. Also, it appears to be obvious to others, but not myself, that I ferverntly wish for the DC shootings to be an act of terrorism. Why? I don't know, my motives have not been explained to me.

Taking a stand on one issue of a certian party does not make you a party to that party. You know? Let's use our tenth grade math:

Republicans back the war on Iraq.
Michele backs the war on Iraq.
Therefore, Michele is a Republican.

False. Very, very false.

Suppose I think school vouchers are a bad idea. Does that make me a left winger? What if I oppose gun control? Does that make me a right winger?

No, of course not.

You mean someone can support different issues on both sides of the political spectrum? Goodness, no!

I also did not know that you can judge someone's ideology by the people they attract to their weblog. That would make me a liberal, right wing, libertarian, catholic, atheist, warmonger, peace loving, animal activist, meat eating schizophrenic.

I do not take kindly to being personally attacked without merit. Back your words up, show me citations and specific instances to prove that I am wishing for terrorist act to be perpetrated upon innocent people to further some agenda that I didn't know I had.

Wait, let me check my date book. Oh look at this, it says it right here:


I've been found out. Damn.


but the DC shootings ARE an act of terrorism.
It may or may not be Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism, but it is terrorism just the same.
But I certainly don't think you have an agenda, or can be fit into a tidy political definition.
I love this blog, visit every day, sometimes twice.

Goddamn, that's funny! Did you make that??

What kind of dip? :)

Yes, this is what I do with my Saturdays.

I was thinking a nice taco dip. You got chips?

"That would make me a liberal, right wing, libertarian, catholic, atheist, warmonger, peace loving, animal activist, meat eating schizophrenic."

Ow! Ow! Brain freeze!


You want white or blue corn chips?

Oh no, does that make me racist?


That thought (DC shootings/terrorist?) occurred to me too. That situation is REALLY scary, no matter what the agenda/reasons of the person doing it.

I understand having a confusing "agenda". Back in '72 I was the only Goldwater Republican at the commune.

you forgot to make love to me.

I didn't forget. You told me not to let anyone know. It's in my "double triple secret" agenda book.

I've found, that the more you make people think, the more threatened they become. In general, one does not want their world view to change to radically (or even slightly) without their permission. I say keep it up.

But never write over the pink margin lines again. That even I can't handle. insert stupid wink smile cause I think I'm clever and I don't want to upset anyone

You people and your quirks.

Hey Rob, I'm in the market for a new bicycle....

Is it really worth the time and effort necessary to come up with this blog entry just to convince others that you're not right of center? Who cares?

If I were inclined toward subtext, I'd quote Queen Gertrude from Hamlet: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

James, if I thought I was right of center I would just come out and say it. As anyone who has been reading this blog for some time can tell you, I never make apologies for who I am or what I stand for.

And hey, if you don't care, don't comment.

hang on - you are republican though...