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living in/being a pineapple

just because one lives in a pineapple it does not make him a pineapple

A couple of days ago, Jonno sent me a link to a WSJ story about Spongebob being gay. Or at least a gay icon. He then blogged about it and before I knew it, the "Is Spongebob gay?" question began popping up all over the blogosphere, from wKen to Glenn Reynolds.

Let the debate end. I have definitive proof that Spongebob is not gay (sorry, guys).

May 24, 2001: Spongebob caught on camera, watching some decidedly non-gay porn.

I wonder if Patrick will be relieved or upset by this?


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I'm not sure what's more disturbing...the "inflatable Sponegebob", or the porn-n-tissue pose.

Or the fact that I can't spell Spongebob.

Anything inflatable frightens me. I'm just sayin'.

Frankie, have you no sense of adventure?

Oh, of course I do, darling. Just not with anything I have to blow. Up.

(wilfully ignoring the opportunity to comment cheekily on Frankie's blow/up comment to state the following:)

just because SB was caught watching non-gay porn doesn't mean he's not gay - i happen to prefer non-gay porn myself, and the last time i checked, i'm still a homo.

ooga booga, one of us!

I just wanna know where that valve is to blow spoogebob. Can I borrow him? I'm decidedly non-gay, but spoogebob gets me friggin hawt!!!


Not that I'm into one-upsmanship, but I think I scooped Jonno on that WSJ link. But that's not important. ;)

And I'm grateful to know that SpongBob doesn't live in a little pink house....

Mr. Squarepants is decidedly NOT gay. After much pondering, it's quite clear to me that Squidward Tentacles is the gay one. i mean, come on. the living alone, the artsy fartsy pad, the clarinet, the dance lessons, working the McJob well below his potential, blase attitude...it all adds up.

Clarinet....dancing...not working up to potential...blase attitude...

Looks like I need to have an open discussion with my son. Again.

Nothing like eating a big heaping plate of calamari rings. Yum!

And doesn't Spongebob have a thing with that squirrel? Sandy, is it? Coulda sworn there was some sexual tension there.

Or maybe I'm just hoping he's not gay, since he totally rocks my world.

But seriously - the music on Spongebob? Love it.

Hi all. Neway, imao, SB IS NOT gay. In fact, the show seems to try to prove he's not more than the other characters (Squidward and even Mr. Krabs could easily be gay). The only two examples I can think of are "(Sandy,) I'm 100% ma-male" from "Pre-hibernation Week", and the entire MuscleBob BuffPants episode. I suppose he could be gay (you don't have to act "gay" to be it) but he has a masculine air about him, despite the pansy-ness. I think his flamboyant, gay-ish nature comes mostly from being very childlike. Come on, he has to be, considering this is a primarily childrens' show where ALL the main characters (and almost all of the other ones) are adults. Kids need something to relate to, so Spongebob and Patrick are both ridiculously nieve for their assumed age and have a relationship that could easily be interpreted as a gay one (BUT IT"S NOT!!!). There is also the sexual tension between Sandy (the squirrel) and SB. Yes, I do believe it's there. There's really no avoiding it. But they need to remain good friends because of the kind of show this is. The show implies (especially in the FIRST couple of Sandy episodes, which shows an impression the show's writers wanted to make) the SB likes her in "that way" but neither of them can act upon this because the show couldn't allow it. If it did, it would have to be done very delicately and I don't think that's gonna happen. So they're friends (as long as the show appeals to kids..,), and that's all they're ever gonna want to be. Anyways, even if it's ruled that he is gay, I don't think that was the show's original intention. If it was, i'm just not feeling it. He'd better not be, because i have a ginormus crush on him. So there.

Also, what SB was watching in "Your Shoe's Untied" COULD have been gay or non-gay. It was probbly "regular" porn, though, not to make a case against myself. All we know it that it was new to SB, lol