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The thing about not smoking is I need something to do with my hands when I get the urge to light up.

So I fooled around with the site. I hate it. I will never get this place looking like I want it to. Problem is, I don't know exactly how I want it to look.

For now, you can stare at Tim Burton's Melonhead and try not to file any complaints with the home office about the changes.

At least I'm not smoking.


after seeing that terrorist playgirl I need a big fat cigarette.

I like it. It's not easy being green, ya know.

Are you sure you want a new layout? You do seem to enjoy futzing around with it so much... :)

You call this enjoyment? I call it wild mood swings.

i'm tellin' ya. tongue ring.

Hang in there - you can make it! As Bob the Builder would say "Yes we can!"

i like the new layout a lot :) tim burton is perfect for the halloween season!

you could take up knitting! or yo-yoing! oh the possibilities!

you could take up knitting! or yo-yoing! oh the possibilities!

Somewhere in my closet lies a wristwatch from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I suffered through a Burger King meal to get it.

wel i'm back in town, so you can at least write masturbatory fantasies.

Seriously hon, big hugs to you - in my limited 28 years of psychohood, quitting was the worst pain I ever knew. You get through this, you can piss on childbirth...
Hey there's a masturbatory fantasy

I think there's something in the water this week. I love the Burton, but I'm sick and twisted. My problem is that messing with code makes me want to smoke more.

*goes off to finish another redo

I love it!!

I'm glad to see someone else has a hard time finding the right "voice" for their blog. I change mine every other month.

I like what you've done with the place though..:)

I like it too! Green is good.

chewing gum, drinking lots of water, tongue ring, ice cubes, teeth brushing, breath mints, hard candy, popcorn, straws in beverages, reading, sleeping, instrument, trivia games that don't allow time for smoking, visiting babies in the hospital, baseball, writing letters, oral sex, flossing, biting people, apples, carrot sticks, putting 500 braids in a random child's hair.. but under no circumstances shall there be nail-biting.. ikk

Toothpicks. Plastic straws. No calories, you can chew the shit out of them, and try not to light the toothpicks. Well, okay, light 'em, but don't inhale.

Now you tell me.

Tim Burton rocks. Good call.

Probably old news, but there's some great Burton animations of the Stainboy character at http://atomfilms.shockwave.com/af/animation/series/stainboy/