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peeves that have nothing to do with pets

A lot of commotion still going on in the comments of the invade/not-invade post. I'm still waiting for you pro-war (as in invade Iraq) people to make yourselves known and heard over there.

national (weblogging) pet peeve week

The second week of October (this being that week) is National Pet Peeve Week.

I've got a ton of them. People not using directionals when they drive, chewing with your mouth open, talking over another person, getting on the elevator before people have had a chance to get off, coming into someone's office every day to drink their coffee but never offering to actually buy the coffee once in a while, people who refuse to listen to your point of view, well...I could go on. For a very long time.

You know what lends itself to all kinds of pet peeves? Weblogging. Hey, we could make a new holiday. National Weblog Pet Peeve Week. The word "peeve" sounds funny when you say it a whole bunch of times.

What's your weblog pet peeve?


Leaving the cap off the toothpaste. Bad drivers. Oy, that's like the number one peeve. That and stupid people, but they'll never be eradicated from the planet, so I just have to live with them I guess.

anonymous comment trolls. blogs that consist of nothing but (insert day) (insert number or theme) memes. those aren't necessarly all bad, but a whole blog of 'em? no. please no. and people who do nothing but whine about their dental work.(oops) yeah i peeve myself.

ooh that sounds naughty.

My biggest weblogging pet peeve is people who go around and comment on everyone else's blog, but never get their own freakin' blog.

Sheeesh. Losers.


I have weblog visitors that, according to my hitmeter, come almost every day, for months now. Maybe one in 50 leave a comment or give me some hint of who they are or what it is they find over at my place.

I would rather have 5 commenters or emails from a total daily tally of 10 readers than 1 from 200.

Weblog pet peeve: anonymous trolls peeve me no end, whether it's in my comments or someone else's. I mean, damn, don't pretend to be brave, just BE brave and put your name/email up there.

Personal pet peeve: the way people in Boston seem to need to spit all the time. Grroooosss.

I'll agree with the anonymous commenters who leave fake email addresses, but another blogging pet peeve including overly-dynamic web presentations with lots of moving parts or other web design faux pas that make looking at the blog painful, let alone reading it.

Weblog peeves:
Not having enough time to read all the great ones. :)

Use of dialect in writing: yes, Mark Twain might be able to use it effectively, but you (yes YOU - you know who you are) are not from the hood and shouldn't pretend you are. "Word- you got the low-down, yo tha dilly-o".

Oh, and keep ur shorthand 2 urself (or at least in AIM). You are not Prince. I repeat, you are not Prince.

Whoa, Tracy.....because I don't really have time to have a blog of my own, that makes me less worthy of commenting now and then? That makes me a loser? Hm. rather judgemental, eh?

Suze, Tracy was being self-depracating. She was talking about herself. Chill :-)

Blogs that talk about the OU/tx game this weekend like anyone else really cares. Oh. Wait.

Oops. I didn't know - taking foot out of mouth - sorry, Tracy. I shouldn't post right after being hung up on by AT&T "customer service" after being on hold for 13 minutes - mea culpa.

Oh, where do I begin? (1) People who comment anonymously without just cause; (2) unoriginal content-generating memes (i.e., "what ___ are you?" quizzes); (3) comments that go nowhere and add nothing to the topic blogged about; (4) poor design (sometimes simpler is better); (5) blatant misuse of the English language; (6) frequent broken links within the site... the list goes on.

Hello. If you are owner of this site, delete this message, please.