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blog products

blog products

Randomly generated product ideas as applied to blogs:

a small victory: a hairpiece that requires a sample of DNA! It has room for a computer mouse inside.

blogatelle: a teddybear that defies gravity! It can be programmed to perform simple tasks and shouts 'WARNING!' at the first sign of danger.

amish tech support: a pen that removes stubborn stains! It can play Mornington Crescent and swears.

up yours: like a normal first-aid kit, but it's also available in white.

billegible: a human clone that's voice-activated!

ipse dixit: a bicycle that blocks spam email, doesn't take no for an answer and can cook small meals.

jill matrix: like a normal cricket bat, but it exists in five dimensions.

uppity negro: a football that can be used by several people at once! It folds away when not in use and induces lucid dreaming.

wken show: a housebrick that emits a constant high-frequency whine! '

little green footballs: a shopping bag that connects to the web! It can easily be recycled and looks better than it sounds.

blawg: a riot shield! It is inflammable!

ghost in the machine: a lightbulb that plugs into your gas-mask, flies like a rocket and probably won't work.

I had way too much fun doing that. What product are you?


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Design #1624016556

It's a candle that's perfectly safe to use! It can be used on the move and dehumidifies the air. It's a dessert topping AND a floor wax!

Mornington Crescent?

Pop Culture Gadabout: a spider-legged transport that allows you to flit from book to music store to movie theatre - and still make it back home in time for Buffy reruns . . .

Solonor's Ink Well is a genetically-modified sheep! It does the washing up!

It's a blender that hasn't gone on any murderous rampages yet!

I do not whine!

I defy many more things than just gravity.

Pixel Streams is a first-aid kit that can cook small meals, can be used on the move and has no sharp edges.

It's a suppository that detects police sonar! It shouts 'WARNING!' at the first sign of danger.

This is a good thing, as nothing is getting in my back door. Wait, I have to put the suppository in my ass right? sigh

That is wonderful. I'm so glad you have room for a mouse, because sometimes on the train, the touchpad is a little annoying.

Dandelion Wine: It's a baseball cap that records memos! It walks on three mechanical legs.

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