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why do they hate us?

why do they hate us?

Over at bigwig's place, I found a link to the Top Ten Moments in Yankee Hating History.

I'm not going to bother going through them all. Most of them reek of jealousy. I guess it's the price you pay when you're a fan of the greatest baseball team ever. You know, having to listen to the whining of other, less fortunate teams.

Unlike some other delusional Yankee fans, I don't expect them to win every year. That's the nature of sports. Players come and go, managers come and go, sometimes you win with what you have, sometimes you lose because of what you don't have. I'm not one of those rabid sports fans that will go into an alcoholic depression when my team gets knocked out of the playoffs.

Hmm, yes I remember #4, when the Yankees lost to the Mariners. I was in the Nassau Coliseum, at an REM concert, headphones hanging around my neck so I could check the score every couple of minutes. The concert ended up sucking and I spent a good two hours listening to the Yankees lose while watching cat-scans of various REM members flashing on a screen. The Yankees loss wasn't half as bad as watching Michael Stipe go through the motions of pretending to care about the audience.

And I'm not going to argue about #7, which happened just this past week. Basically, when a team plays like shit they deserve to lose. End of story. You Yankee haters can laugh and deride and make fun all you want, but I'm not going to run home to my mommy and cry because everyone is laughing at my baseball team. They stunk up the field. I was chanting "Go Home Yankees" right along with the Angels fans.

I suppose I could make my own list of my top ten moments of being a Yankee fan to counteract the ESPN list. Some of them would be on a more personal level, like working for the Yankees and watching a game from Steinbrenner's office with Mickey Mantle sitting next to me, or spending a summer sitting in the archives room at the stadium looking at a million dollars worth of memorabilia or walking into what I thought was an empty locker room and seeing Rickey Henderson's dick and my only thought being that I wanted to tell him he was a lazy, selfish baseball player and I honestly thought that had no balls up until that very moment.

However, I will just regale you with my one greatest Yankee moment that will rank right up there in my top ten best days of my life should anyone ever ask me to list such a thing.

October 2, 1978. Fenway Park. Bucky Dent v. Mike Torrez.

You know the rest.


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At least we don't have to hear any shit from Yankee haters about all the money we put into our team to buy championships. That's out the window.

I have to say a big Thanks to Mom & Dad. To Mom and her Father for caring enough about baseball to pass the love of the game and the Yankees onto us (win or lose). And to Dad, for NOT caring enough and sparing me a lifetime of disappointment as a Mets fan.

I get chills every time I walk into Yankee Stadium. I hear Lou Gehrig's speach echoing in my head. I see Babe skipping around the bases. I love my memories of the 70's and all those players I still remember like yesterday. I consider it an honor to support the Greatest Team in Professional Sports History.

working for the Yankees and watching a game from Steinbrenner's office with Mickey Mantle sitting next to me

aarrgghhh!!!!! hiss. hiss. twist the knife. whine i'm so jealous.

aaak! bitch. no fair tricking me into caring about baseball. no. no. don't care about the yankees. don't care about the dodgers. dammitall.

shit. i need a vikings fix.


i know. it's a hard call to make when you move here. i was a packers (well, favre) fan for a long time after the rams and the raiders ditched me in the same $#!@ year. but this is my home now. shrug

A Packers AND Yankees fan?? I don't know which is more appropriate here: pity or loathing....

Of course, my Vikings are 0-4 (and, yes, Randy Moss is a MAJOR JACKASS), so it's not as if much room to maneuver here. ;0)

I was 5 when Podres beat the Yanks in game 7 in 1955, so I only know that one from history. 1963, however, was bliss for a 13-year old Dodger fan transplanted from LA to DC (where I got to see the new expansion Senators lose to the Yankees a lot). 1981 was joy after the disappointments of 1977-1978.

Don't begrudge us the wins; they're few and far between! ;)

October 2, 1978. Grrrrr, I thought I liked you once...you...you...YANKEE FAN! Arrrghh! (Good thing I'm over it, eh?)

Red Sox fans NEVER get over anything. You will be cursing Bucky Dent until the day you (or he) die(s) and probably after that, too.

Not to mention Bill Buckner.

Which, of course, you did. Slimeball.