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that was fast

that was fast

Well, I'm done for the year. Bring on hockey.


Islanders fans . . . bah!

Said with affection, of course!

hey..I thought you gave up on baseball!!


Not that I give a crap about baseball anymore (heavens, no!). But if I get my wish, it will be the Twinkies blowing a big raspberry in der Selig's face as they win the World Series, saying: "Cut THIS from the league, moron!" If I cared, that is.


Gotta love a game where the Islanders can come out of bankruptcy into the playoffs in one year, while MSG is stuck with the Keystone Kops & a $73-million payroll.

Remember, America, we Canadians gave you hockey. You must therefore forgive us for also dumping John Kenneth Galbraith & Peter Jennings on you... at least from October to April.