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sell the rights to your blight

sell the rights to your blight

Indiana housewife goes on strike.

You know what, lady? Kiss my ass. You're not getting any applause from me.

I work full-time, raise two kids and take care of the house. For four years, I did this as a single parent. I didn't do it to get appreciation or to be noticed. I did those things because they had to be done.

The woman feels underappreciated because she does all the work and her husband goes fishing.

Apparently they don't have any children, save for the two dogs mentioned in the article. And I'm assuming her husband also works.

I know, I know, people just want to be appreciated. Then talk it out with each other, not the media. Go to marraige counseling. Don't air your problems to the whole world.

Soon she will be on Inside Edition, Dr. Phil and CNN. She will be the new media darling during moments when all the stations are looking for something besides war and elections to talk about.

I don't understand what she wants. Does she want her husband to say thank you once in a while, or help her out or just not go fishing at all? Is she jealous that he uses his free time to go out with the guys? That's a relationship issue, not one that should be settled on some sappy, overwrought talk show where five million people will see Dr. Phil berate your husband and probably make you cry at some point.

I would never deny my husband his time with the guys or the chance to enjoy his hobby. And I certainly don't expect him to fall to his knees and praise me every time I pick a piece of paper up off the floor.

It's hard working and cleaning and doing kids stuff. I'm not denying that. I just hate people who choose their space in life and then whine about it. I especially hate when they whine to the national media and take their problems to some sideshow cirucs version of therapy.

This strike and the ensuing media alvalanche will do more damage to her relationship with husband than fix it. He's being humiliated on national tv and in newspapers and she's standing around laughing, writing down dates for interviews and accepting flowers and free vacations from publicity people, who have become the ambulance chasers of the media. Don't be surprised if the husband files for divorce right after the wife deposits any money she gains from this whoring of herself in the bank.

I know I'm going to get blasted for this. Go ahead. I'm just sick of people bitching and moaning about their lives to anyone with a micrphone. The whole world has become a stage for Jerry Springer. Soon, we'll be hiring publicity coordinators the way we hire plumbers or mechanics.

You feel underappreciated? Tell that to every mother and father out there who is raising a child, keeping the house, working and doing it all without a partner. I doubt they will find your story very compelling.

Now, I'm off to the Little League field. I'll be sure to alert the media if my son doesn't show his appreciation that I came.


AMEN, sister! So he went fishing. Big deal. He wasn't hitting her or sexually abusing her, was he? If she had problems with him, she should've taken them to HIM, rather than to the media. That would be the action of a mature person. And while there's bound to be people out there who hear about her campaign from the media and think she's doing something great, there's also going to be people like me who hear about it and think she's an ass clown who needs to suck it up and see a marriage counselor instead of an AP reporter.

Watch this be an entire show for them. Something planned by both partners, and acted through by both of them. Who cares where the support comes from, or what kind of attention it is. Some people just fight for their 15 minutes of fame, and want it their way... Shrugs

Anyone who thinks being the sole p[arent of an infant is easy is a mron.. but you cope. Come walk in my shoes for a day lady and then bitch. wow, not that I am biter or anything, but I really did not sign up to be a single parent.. but I learn quick...

What's perhaps more appalling than this woman's stunt is the attention it has garnered. Apparently this sort of crapola sells, or Dr. Phil, et al, wouldn't be lining up to get a piece of the action.

I find that disgusting. We should be turning our backs on such selfish BS, not encouraging it with a media circus.


Blasted? Hell, what were you thinking :) You're right on! North American society has become a cesspool of whimers who can't understand the sinmple concept of personal responsibility. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you were right Veshka - call it the "Jerry Springer Syndrome"

For God's sake.

"Like I keep telling people," she said, "This wasn't for publicity. This is a personal thing."

Whatever! If it was "personal," then would the strike have gone beyond the walls of their home? or perhaps maybe beyond close friends? She obviously felt it was important enough to tell either a media outlet, or lots of other women who were feeling neglected (who then told the media outlets).

Not that it's fair that her husband goes and engages in recreational activities and she bears the brunt of the work at home, but if that is indeed the case, then like you said, they need to work that out, share the duties, and wash the dirty laundry together... but NOT air it to the world. Quite honestly, how many other people have boycotted household duties or pulled guilt trips (seriously, isn't that what this is?) on their mates? It's old hat, and not interesting in the least.

Ooh! OOh! I know... maybe it's a big scam by some cleaning supply company... that they'll provide all her products when she finally breaks the strike or sumpin'. (Just a lamely imaginative theory.)

The fastest way to get some appreciation is to give some. This whole female power through ball busting our men trip is really not going to do us any good in the end. She just wants proof that he's a helpless baby without her. She wants him to "appreciate" her power and importance in his life.

Cause really, how many men care as much about dirty socks on the floor as women? How many men feel the need to pre-soak and hand wash the dishes before running them through the dishwasher? If you're not doing the household chores for yourself (or your small child) then don't do them. That teenager and that husband can clean up their own messes. If you're the one that can't stand the mess and you clean it up for your own benefit, why do I need to appreciate you for it?

Makes absolutely no sense. Women from Germany writing her about it and everything. Insanity. Keep bitching about it, Michele. I think bitching is the anti-whine. It helps to balance the universe. Or at least it does in my small universe. :)

Is it just me or does this woman look like a certain "ann" at work?