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i hope it wasn't crazy glue

i hope it wasn't crazy glue

To the person who came here looking for "glued penis":

Is it your penis that's glued or someone else's? Are you looking for a safe solvent to remove the glue? What exactly is your penis glued to, and if it's not your penis, why were you putting glue on someone's intimate parts? Were you gluing your penis to your thigh to keep from masturbating? Then perhaps you were the same person who came here looking for 'secret cameras that got pictures of J. Lo naked."

Or is this just some weird fetish?

I had a dream once where I cut off the penis of a dead person and glued it to the wall of my living room as a trophy.

Or was it a dream? Hey, is that your penis on my wall?

I need to lay off the caffeine and get out of the house. I'm off to DJ's game. Be forewarned: more exciting pictures of my son pitching will be posted tonight.


i can explain most search queries (japanese fetish freaks), but there on i've never understood is 'my wife's vagina'.

I would probobly be more concerned about the people looking for mother son sex. Those are the scary ones.

Damn, all I get are people looking for Aflack Duck and JLo Fucked.