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and i had so much to say, too...

and i had so much to say, too...

We're babysitting our two year old nephew tonight.

We're teaching him how to say "The Cowboys are not America's team, Mommy," "Mets suck," and "Justin promised to get me a hooker for my 16th birthday."

Paybacks are a bitch, sis.

And as per Fraser, send in the nuns!


Nice. How far are you from NC? Can you sit on Saturdays?

the real question is... what are your plans for tommorrow? coming to the city? gonna see man in gray? gonna meet four of the coolest NYC blogger in the whole friggin city? gonna promote bryan's band's show on your site? (hehe, ok sorry, cheap shot). but, um... http://maningray.com . Hope you're able to make it tomorrow!

Oh, the thinks I want to teach my nephew to say...

Hey, can Justin get me a hooker for my birthday, or can I borrow David's???????????