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problem solving through google

problem solving through google

Forget dueling. There's a new way to solve all your battles, large and small: Google Fight. Simply enter two opposing keywords in the space provided, hit enter and there you have it - a declared winner! Less blood than sword fights, less expensive than sending in the military and no fear of detention for fighting on school property.

This could solve all the world's problems and avoid messy election scandals.

Iraq crisis decided: Bush beats Saddam

Race for New York State Governer: Pataki wins

Superhero battle: Superman whomps Spiderman

Battle of boy bands: Nsync over Backstreet Boys

Left v. Right: O'Reilly takes down Chomsky

Think of all the other uses for this. Judges can make quick decisions: Guilty! No more fighting over where to go for dinner: We're going to McDonald's! Make a career decision: I'm going to be a pimp!

I'm thinking a battle of the bands. Or a battle of the bloggers. Start off with twenty or so, have them google fight each other until one remains.

It's Friday. Let's have a little fun. Give me your best, funniest, most original google fights. Solve the world's problems. End a long standing argument. Kick someone's ass. Put your blog up against someone else's. It's all about the Friday Fun.


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HEH! Hope it's true, in the end.
In case i linked screwy, i put in rosie (odonnell) and mccalls.

Fun is right - hmm, what/who next.
Maybe Hillary and Monica
Hillary and Bill
Frick and Frack....

So, less filling does beat tastes great.

This is possibly the coolest toy, yet!

The Beatles beat The Rolling Stones
But Elvis beat The Beatles
All is not lost, though, since The Beatles beat Britney Spears.

On a personal note:

Solonor beats Sekimori (in my dreams)
But Hoopty kicked my butt...

Ironically, Yahoo beats Google...

Nothing else matters.

Good Ash beats Bad Ash.

Nuff said.

Chocolate beat out tequilla, margarita and vodka!!

Man, I'm boring, I put in Chinese vs. Mexican. Oh, btw, Chinese wins. YUMMY!

Dr. Strange beats Dormammu.

My Ass beats A Hole In The Ground!!!

geek vs supermodel

geek wins! yah! i picked the right career path! not that i had any real hopes of succeeding in the world of the waif anyway...

oh, and sex beats drugs by many many million...

i loved this so much i did it on my site, check out the battle and results.

Israel beats Palestine
Ariel Sharon beats Yasser Arafat
Temple Mount beats Al Aqsa

... but Islam beats Judaism?

(If you do the math, Israel vs. Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq has Israel losing, too. History has proven otherwise.)

i posted some on my blog, but my favorite is still:

porn beats must see TV

Elvis vs. The Beatles

Elvis wins.

Ok, it's a stupid one, but I HAD to do it:

chicken vs. egg

Chicken WINS! :)

Well, I solved an argument between two of my friends: sex does beat guns. Of course, that was obvious to me...

Breast beats bottle. But not by as much as you'd think. :)

John Major beats Edwina Currie. But so does Ann Widdecombe.

A heavy metal one: Dio beats Ozzy

A train one: Virgin Voyager beats Class 47/8 (but that one's close!)

John Major beats Edwina Currie. But so does Ann Widdecombe.

A heavy metal one: Dio beats Ozzy

A train one: Virgin Voyager beats Class 47/8 (but that one's close!)

(sorry about the duplicate - got an Server Error 500 the first time)

spy versus spy

that one was actually a surprise to me. i thought for sure spy would win.

an excruciatingly painful death beats listening to john tesh.

my work here is done.

Shit beat Britney Spears and Celine Dion!! But I think we all knew that already.

Guess I don't need to watch the games now:

Yankees v. Angels.

No way. That was an unfair google, Linkman.

You have to do it like this

Yankees win! Theeeeeeeee Yankeeeeees wiiiiiiiin!

Yea, yea. They're the Anaheim Angels now. Yankees still win.

who's the best captain of the Enterprise?
kirk beats picard

ho catfight?
pamela anderson beats carmen electra

late nite tv?
letterman beats leno, but conan beats letterman

Carrot Top beats David Arquette

flipper beats lassie

you beats me

sex beats food (but not by that much)

'corey feldman beats corey haim'

really - wouldn't we all like to beat them?

John Tesh is a total hottie.

I put up a bunch of my fights too.

Care Bears Rule!

Us vs. Them? Do you have any doubt?

just one more:

69 vs 68 and I owe you one - 69

beatles vs elvis beatles win
beatles vs boy bands beatles win
beatles vs rolling stones beatles win