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action figures caught on tape 3

action figures caught on tape: part 3 (enter madman)

Spidey: I'd like to call to order this meeting of the Action Figures and Toy Society.
(lots of noise and chattering)
Spidey: Ahem. I said I want to get started.
(room quiets down)
Spidey: Ok, we have a new member I'd like to introduce you to. Everyone, please say hi to Madman.
All: Hello, Madman!
(Madman moves over to podium, bumping Spidey out of the way)
Madman: Hey! It's great to be here! I've prepared a little introductory speech...
(Spidey moves back in front of the mic)
Spidey: Umm...there's really no need for that. Just grab a chair. We have a lot of business to take care of tonight.
Evil Ash: Let the guy speak!
Spidey: But, we have to...
Evil Ash: I said, let him speak, dimwit!
Spidey: Hey, I run this show, not you! I have an agenda!
Madman: So, is this an elected position, this leader of the action figures thing?
Spidey: Errr..no...I just...I....I formed this group, so I'm the leader!!
Madman: Well that doesn't seem very democratic.
Spidey: Who said this is a democracy?
Boba Fett: Come to think of it, this has been run sort of like a dictatorship. Maybe we should have an election.
Red Power Ranger: Yea, an election!
(Spidey turns to look at the Ranger)
Spidey: What the hell? What rock did you crawl out from under? I thought you were garage sale bait a long time ago.
RPR: They found me under the couch yesterday. I've been surviving on pizza crust and cookie crumbs this whole time.
Madman: So about this election thing...
Batman: I nominate Madman!
Green Goblin: I nominate me!
Aquaman: I want to be the leader! Pick me! Pick me!
(uproarious laughter from the crowd)
Aquaman: What's so funny about that? I can lead!
Madman: You want to lead? Let's dance!
(Aquaman and Madman dance. Soon, Harley Quinn gets up and starts dancing with them, dirty dancing style)
Spidey: How many times do I have to tell you that there is a child present in this group??
Chun-Li: And how many times do I have to tell you that I am not a child. I'm just short!
Spidey: Whatever. Can we get this meeting back in order?
Optimus Prime: Only if we can have a real election!
He-Man: I'm down with OP! Bring on the election!
Luke Skywalker(whining): Hey! No fair! What about me??
Han Solo (in a mocking tone): But I was going into Toshi Station to pick up some power converters!
(Everyone laughs and hi-fives Solo)
Akira (rapping): You down with OP?
(every except Spidey sings and grooves)
You down with OP
Who's down with OP
You down with OP
Who's down with OP

Madman: Hey everyone! Let's dance!dancer.gif(Everyone dances. Spidey sighs, knowing he is doomed to another night alone watching Dragonball Z, drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade and uploading bad poetry to his blog. He walks out of the room unnoticed, silently vowing to seek his revenge on Madman for usurping his power like that).

Stay tuned for the next installment of Action Figures Caught on Tape: The Election Scandal.

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don't let the election take place in florida.
the ballots will either get lost, miscounted or the new electronic polling machines will take 4 hours to warm up. or not be turned on depending on whether or not the poll workers show up. ;)

it's a dancing frank! woooooohoooooo

IMHO, I would go with Optimus Prime. But my house is filled with icky, scary Spawn... the Ash's, The Crow, Edward Scissorhands, Mulder and Scully, Neo and Trinity, and Harly Quinn. Boy, that would either make the story more interesting or turn it into one heck of a soap opera! :)

But Spiderman can dance! I have proof!

Poor Spidey.. but let's face it, OP would make a much better leader. I'm down with OP!

So, this is what you do when you don't come to work?!

Like this is any different than you and I at work emailing Paintshop pictures of emus having sex?