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kiddie snacks

kiddie snacks

This whole eating your young thing is starting to sound like an interesting idea. Maybe if someone told me when I gave birth what my daughter would be like at 12 1/2, I would have made a snack out of her.

I'm kidding, really. Almost.

Is there a military school for girls?


Haha! You may want to take a look at this....
Last week a co-worker at the pool called a kids mom and told her that she was not allowed back at swimming lessons if she was going to treat her (the teacher) so terribly again.
This is the apology letter she got the other day which accompanied angelic behaviour.

That is priceless. I hope the mom hangs on to a copy of that.

You know, it's might not be too late, although you'll want to marinate her well. And do it before she hits puberty, or else she'll be gamey.

IT might not be too late, not it's. Feh.

that's sweet. i think there's a tear in my eye...

boys are just as bad. my 11 yr old is becoming quite the pain in the ass. i am amazed that my sweet, kind, loving, generous little boy has turned into a frigin little jerk over night it seems. sniff

Not to worry, guys. If you can be patient enough to allow them to live into their 20's, it gets better. You no longer feel like tying them to the car and speeding down the highway, laughing maniacally. The years of absolute teenage hell seem worthwhile when you become friends again....trust me.