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what if

what if (your post disappeared)

I broke something. I tried to put another link in the post that was here and it wouldn't save, wouldn't rebuild and would not reappear again. Lost in cyberspace, I guess. If you see it floating around out there, send it back this way.

Today has to be Monday. It's sure shaping up like one.


all the way.


i saw your post at the mall, hanging out in the food court. did you know it changes its tone in the morning, after it leaves the house? your i's are no longer dotted, and all your t's look like little crucifixes. every capital A had a piercing, too.

there are some real issues going on there.

Speaking of issues, Mike....

The beauty is that it's Wednesday, so even if it felt like a Monday, you have the yummy goodness of not having to face the entire week ahead.

So that's what came running and screaming through my blog knocking all the acute accents off of the . Poor little e looks so naked sitting there without his accent.

Hello. If you are owner of this site, delete this message, please.