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wanna see something really scary?

wanna see something really scary?

Calling all horror movie buffs.

I'm planning a Halloween weekend movie party. 24 hours straight of horror movie watching. I'm open for suggestions.

We're not talking cinematic beauties or deep thinking plots here. I'm looking for blood, guts, gore, mutilation, zombies, and evilness. They can be campy because campy horror is good, but there has got to be some fright to it. No straight comedy horror.

Reference point: I hated the Scream movies, I loved Dead Alive. And don't bother suggesting any of the Evil Dead movies, we own them all already.

Help a gore-loving zombie freak out.


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Unless it is in the discount bin or borrowed, I'd pass on the revamped 13 Ghosts.

I already had the very unfortunate experience of watching that movie.

I remember being tourtured in my younger days by BOTH of my sisters with chants of "Beyond the Door". One time I got so freaked out, you said it was Mickey Mouse behind the door. Nice try, but it didn't work. Still scarred. Was that a real movie or just you f'ing with me?

If you really want gore and zombies, Redneck Zombies. Also, Bad Taste.

We used to have Sunday night Gore Night. Movies that copped out on the gore - things like cutting away from the stabbing and only showing the splash of blood - never did well on Gore Night. The two movies above were Gore Night legends.

The Thing, John Carpenter remake and maybe Jeepers Creepers which is OK in parts.
Of course, do have a Romero Zombie movie, I love Dawn of the dead most, but mainly coz it's funny, so that's out.

We already own the Bad Taste DVD; that's definitely on the list to watch that weekend.

As for Jeepers Creepers, I dubbed it the worst movie of last year.

What about the Halloween movies and even the Friday the 13th movies. I know everyone's seen them, but are full of utterly unredemable gore. No real value in those movies.

Gots to have Re-Animator and maybe even From Beyond.

Resident Evil and The Fog are tops on my horror list. Also, the remake of House on Haunted Hill scared the bleep out of me. So did the first Nightmare on Elm Street. Oh, and I'll second any nomination for the Halloween movies, but do skip the third one -- it's crap.

The first Friday the 13th and Halloween movies rank right up there. Re-Animator is a good one, too.

I hate the remake of House on Haunted Hill.

Once I get a good list going I guess I'll have to whittle it down to what we can fit into 24 hours. Decisions, decisions.

I know it's obvious, but how about Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

"They Live"
"Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers"

Nightmare on Elm Street (1)
Alien (1)
JC's The Thing
Jaws (1)
Puppet Master
And of course, the two worst movies of all time, but good for a drunken laugh;
The Crawling Eye
Battlefield Earth

"Ginger Snaps" (Canadian DVD)

The only two movies to ever give me nightmares were the Exorcist & that really bad movie with John Travolta & Ernest Borgnine. I dont know if the movie gave me nightmares or if it was John & Ernie being evil together!

That was Devil's Rain - the one with the melting faces. Good choice.

Seconding Josh's "From Beyond" motion.
Also makes "Dreamscape" come to mind.

I seem to remember Witchboard being actually kinda scary when I watched it as a teen. Maybe Rosemary's Baby, too?

Just assume that any movie I mention that has 900 sequels, I really mean just the original...

Nightmare on Elm Street
Amityville Horror
Friday the 13th
Sleepaway Camp (its, pardon the pun, campy but scary - or at least it was in junior high)
The Omen
The Shining
Children of the Corn
Alice, Sweet Alice
Stir of Echoes

I'm rather surprised to see no mentions of my own two favorites Carrie or Village of the Damned.

We watched Rosemary's Baby last week and I don't think it's held up as well over the years.

There's a Sleepaway Camp DVD boxset which I've had my eye on. I may pick it up this weekend.

I gave up on the Amityville Horror because local stories lose their flavor after a while - facts kind of get in the way.

The Omen is a good choice, still one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

Stir of Echoes was eh...ok. Same for Witchboard and The Shining (I prefer Stephen King books to movies).

I think Alice, Sweet Alice may make the cut.

Ohhh, Village of the Damned, yes!

anything by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

The People Under the Stairs
Deathrace 2000

If you don't mind subtitles, The Devil's Backbone from Guillermo Del Toro (of Mimic and Blade 2) is a very creepy and somewhat gory flick about a haunted orhpanage in Spain. It wasn't scream-out-loud scary, but it really got under my skin and creeped me out.

try Humongous

Vampyros Lesbos.

Michele, did you ever TAKE MY ADVICE and watch the original 1963 version of the Haunting? No gore, but FEAR with a capital fucking F.

Don't be Afraid of the Dark scared the hell out of me as a kid, and Plan Nine From Outer Space. And of you want something really scary, try Glitter.

Looking for Camp, Gore, and a few demons mixed in? Try Tales From The Crypt Presents Demon Knight.

Yes, you have to watch the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For me.

Hell House
for creepiness anything by the Brothers Cray
if it's early in the AM, nothin scarier than "Fox And Friends"

Night of the demons is a must. It scared me shitless. Hard to find, though. Have fun.

Ok let me catch up here.

Deathrace 2000 is one of my favorite movies ever and it's good on gore and blood and camp.

I watched a preview of Devil's Backbone on our digital cable On Demand thing and it totally intrigued me. I don't think I can wait til Halloween to watch it though, we might see that this weekend.

Plan 9, I've seen many times, but it doesn't quite fit in with plans.

Original Haunting and Texas Chainsaw are on the short list.

Saw Demon Knight like 20 times. Possibility.

I saw Glitter once. That was one time too many. Though one day we may get really drunk and watch a double feature of Glitter and Showgirls.

I think I'm confusing Jeepers Creepers with Ginger Snaps, watched them both one night and they kind of blended in my (drink addled) memory.
How about Cube or Blade 2, which is absolute bollox, but enjoyable if you disengage any thought processes.

has no one mentioned....THE DENTIST.
oral hygene at its scariest! heh

and theres always
The Willies
You'll Laugh
You'll Cry
You'll Puke
You'll DIE!
and if the title isn't HORRIFYING enough it has that kid mikey in it from the goonies.

Dead Alive was one of the first dvds I bought, with Brazil, Blade Runner, and Floundering. Sigh.

You could have a mini-Peter Jackson fest, and watch The Frighteners, Bad Taste, and Meet the Feebles (avail on dvd in Canada and from eBay). That right there is a party, oh yes, I can tell you.

Re-animator (already suggested once, but damn, its a good movie)
Vampire Hookers
Nail Gun Massacre
Bordello of Blood
An American Werewolf in London
I Dismember Mama

Okay, so I'm late on this.. but Jeepers Creepers?
The only thing scary about that movie was... wait... there wasn't anything.
Except maybe that they charge almost 4 bucks to rent it.

Please forget I mentioned Jeepers Creepers, it was an honest mistake.
Stephanie, your blog is broke!
For my final suggestion Frankenhooker, one of the cheapest, corniest movies I've seen in years, 84 minutes enjoyably spent however.

This is probably too highbrow, but what about "Seven"? The Mrs. won't even let me buy the DVD, and Alien (1) is one of her favorite movies.