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is there a pet doctor in the house?

is there a pet doctor in the house?

The hamster that we thought was a boy apparently isn't because there's little mutant-looking babies popping out of his nether region.

(S)he's eaten a few already.

Help? Please?

update: She ate them all. Every last one of them. Then she went and played around on her wheel a bit like nothing ever happened. Dumb whore.

Rread the whole sordid tale at Raising Hell.


Uh oh. Eating babies is a sign of stress. Watch the other one; maybe he's trying for another litter already. When my mother's gerbils had a litter, she had just finished giving labor when the father decided it was time.

They live in a duplex so I was able to separate them into separate apartments by taking the tubes between the two cages off.

I have to wonder what you mean by mutant-looking. My aunt had a couple of hamsters who had babies who had babies . . . the inbreeding quickly led to some really tragic cases of two-three limbed individuals and worse. Hope that isn't your case.

I had that happen when I was a teenager and had mice. I thought they were two males, and were gay or something when they started humping. Then that bitch started eating the kids, and I was pissed.

Hamsters: Mothers Nature's way of freaking us out.

I don't know...maybe you could use that as a good parenting tool. Next time your kids act up...remind them that you could have chosen to eat them.

Hah, would you believe you're not the first person to say that to me today?

As a mother, YES, I would!

I'm trying to decide if this is THE grossest hamster story I've heard yet. And I've heard quite a few.

Okay, I can top it. I had the same thing...thought we had two males...until there were babies. Kept the babies, who begat more babies, ad nauseum. We experienced the whole consumption of babies after they were born, which was rather disgusting, but at some point, when I had five adults in one cage, they turned into cannibals and ate one of the older hamsters. Not that they didn't have food, mind you. They had plenty. They just apparently decided one looked yummy...and all I found was fur and skeleton. NASTY.

So much for lunch today.

Should we conclude that hamsters are NOT nice people? (Always liked rats, m'self, hmmm).


ROTFL! That beats the hamster that ate his own ass story from Ann Elizabeth.

Ok, I am SO never buying a hamster now. Ewwww!

Ok, there's heavy world overpopulation, and it's only getting worse.

There's also severe food shortage in many underdeveloped countries.

I think I see a solution here...

Donate your unwanted offspring to ease world hunger. Involve your church, your council...anything. All those cans are non-biogdegradable anyway. Human leftovers won't pollute the environment.

Save the world. Reduce noise on buses. Peace out.

I think you lost me at cans, Cow.

Oh, the kids must be sad that there are no more babies! I can't wait to read the story at RH!

Just a flashback of school-enforced harvest festivals, surrounded by cans of processed ham and string beans

All for charity, man.

I was just thinking whether the aid workers take the stuff out of the cans before they deliver, or whether the poor folks are encouraged to leave them lying around the desert once they've cleaned them out.

You could do yourself an injury if you step on those with bare feet, dude.

Ok, but what does that have to do with dead hamster babies?

Hmmm, good point.

I'm sure there was a tenuous mental link somewhere.

I learned that lesson in my teens as well. Best friend had hamsters, female had babies. Five. Two disappeared the first day. Three kids survived for six-eight weeks, then one day, two of the kids and Mama decided Kid Number Three was on the menu that day.

Made me realize the adage by which I now go: Hamsters are cat food, nothing more, nothing less. Hate them. Rodents. Cat food.

i unknowingly bought a pregnant rat once. she had SIXTEEN babies. didn't eat a single one.


I am also skeptical about whether or not she will actual get jail time. I have too much experience with "Toogoods" getting the proverbial slap on the hand zip code the first (oh, six times) they are caught, because they are the birth-mother.