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nigeria falls, new york

nigeria falls, new york

I received another in a long line of those Nigerian scam mails. You know, the ones that begin with:

EMAIL ADDRESS:jh_william001@mailsurf.com

Dear Friend,

I am a Solicitor resident and practicing in Lagos, Nigeria and I am using this correspondence to urgently seek and request your assistance and cooperation
in a sensitive but highly beneficial financial arrangement.

It then goes on to say something about 50 million dollars and how if I just come on over there and risk my life and my family's small fortune that I could become his next willing victim. Hey, you have to read between the lines.

I was overtired and goofy enough to actually write back to him last night. It was a beautiful letter with a bright pink background and neon green letters:

Hi friend!

Do u want 2 B penpals? I am 12 years old. Do i need money 2 do this thing with u? I have 10$ in my piggy bank and i was saving it 2 buy my brother a new leg his got cut off in the car acident when my dad was driving drunk lasty y ear and my mom said we culdnt afford 2 get my brother a umm..pathetic? leg. i think thats the word.

u called me a friend in ur email. that wuz nice. id like 2 be ur friend, too. ill do whatever u want me 2 so i can have lots of money 2 by my brother a new leg and 2 getmy mom out of rehab and to get my dad out of jail.

ok and im not really good at math so can u just say like how much money i need to do this thing? i know my mom got some money last time the mailman came here. it was weird cuz he left it on her dresser instead of in the mailbox. i wonder why.

oh r u related 2 john william the guy who wrote the star warz music? is that his name? do u no him? that would rule. do you like britney spears or linkin park? cuz if we r gonna be penpals then i would have 2 no sumthing about u. oh where is nigeria? is that the place in new york with the big waterfall?

ok peace and love.

byebye (I inserted 14 different Yahoo! smileys here) haha that clown is funnY

p.s can i tell my friendz about u cuz marci and gabby would think im really kewl to be friendz with a guy who knows about secret money and stuff and maybe you can come here and take us to the mall cuz we saw these earings we like at hot topic oh and the blink 182 shirt where theyre intheir underwear.

I haven't heard from him yet.


now i have coffee spit on my screen...

Ohhh my coffee is running out my nose... too damn funny...

i vote for tasha!

o U r 2 funny with UR smilys LOL!!!111

2 good
2 be
4 gotten


Oymygod, I wish I had thought of doing that.

Ohmygod, I wish I had thought of doing that.

And I was just reading another blog last night that did something similar......she strung the guy along like a lover while giving him the fax number of the FBI to send all the "particulars"
she effectively scammed him and almost got him to send her a She researched the guy and in the end found out he was also a diamond smuggler

I'm a booger smuggler.


hee hee

that is a masterpiece. :)

snort priceless!!!

Please let us know if he ever writes back.

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