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babs goes to boot camp

babs goes to boot camp

I'm watching Celebrity Boot Camp.

They sure are stretching the definition of celebrity here.

I had an idea for a great sequel to this show: Celebrity Boot Camp II - Give Peace A Chance.

It will star Ed Asner, Noam Chomsky, Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon and Oliver Stone.

Armed with only a backpack filled with granola bars and Michael Moore books, they will be shipped off to Iraq where they will assume the role of Iraq citizens, under the tutelage of Scott Ritter.

They will spend time blending in, learning about the culture of fear that exists there, and trying not to engage the ire of Saddam.

As a final mission, they will be granted unfettered access to the presidential palaces where they will play a round of "Spot the Weapon of Mass Destruction."


No, no, Ms. Streisand, that is a generator. Umm..in case of a bad storm. You know, lighting.

Oh, of course, silly me! My what a big generator you have! Ha ha!

They will stay as long until a resolution is drafted and enacted, allowing the United States to bomb Iraq, take out Saddam and free the citizens from his reign. When the strike is about to take place, all the celebrities must join hands and form a ring around Saddam, while Barbra sings:


They sing until the rockets red glare start shining above and then - game over.

We win, Iraq wins and people who hated Yentl and Bull Durham win.

disclaimer: I'm not a right-winger, I just play one during missions to take out evil overlords who aim to destroy us. So save the emails, thanks.


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Finally. Something that could prod me to buy a TV. giggle

I love Bull Durham! It's one of my favorite movies. Can't we kill Kevin Costner for Waterworld? Or maybe Tom Green for Roadtrip? Surely they are better candidates than susan sarandon!

Ooooo....I got to ping you. My day is complete. Now please send egg rolls from China View.

Michele, could we send Ariana Huffington out with Ed, Noam, Babs, and the rest of the gang? And if we are gonna kill Tom Green, make it for Freddie Got Fingered. Road Trip was a masterpiece in comparison.

Throw in scott baio as the host and I'm in!

now michele, I know you're not a right winger and all the rest, but this time, really, you've gone too far.
Nobody insults Babs and gets away with it.
Tomorrow I'm dobbing you into Ashcroft's watchdogs. Or watchtowers. Or watchbands. Or something.

Do you really want to lose all your gay lvoerboy fans?

michele's not a right winger but she plays one on the net.

(just kidding, don't throw anything!)