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it's getting hot in here

it's getting hot in here, let's take off our pinafores

I was just watching Little House on the Prarie.

That Nellie Olesen sure was a bitch.

In today's episode, Willie and Nellie use a "talking machine" to record Laura saying lovey-dovey things about the new boy, Jason. Then Nellie plays it for the whole class, much to Laura's embarassment.

Nellie was all nice to Laura in order to get her up in her bedroom where the talking machine was. I mean, how could Laura fall for something like that, given Nellie's history? Laura was just a huge Pollyana, wasn't she?

I tend to mix up episodes when I try to remember them. And then I mix up episodes from other shows, like Silver Spoons or Starsky and Hutch and they all merge together in some sitcom stew.

I'm trying to remember if they ever got even with Nellie. I think I remember her being pushed into the mud once, but then my mind mixes it all up and I keep seeing George Clooney and Tootie from Facts of Life taking Nellie for a joyride into New York City, where they leave her on a street corner until Starsky shows up just in time to save her from an evil pimp.

Did Nellie ever get leprosy and go to Hawaii to get cured? Wait, no. That was The Simpsons. And it wasn't leprosy, it was oatmeal.

And then Mary goes blind and Nellie keeps rearranging the furniture in the Ingalls home to fuck Mary up. I think. Did Laura Ingalls every say "watchoo talkin' bout, Willis?"

I don't know. I just want to bitchslap Nellie a couple of times, but then I want to bitchslap Laura, too, for being such a pussy.


MY GAWD.. I used to love that show... They don't make TV shows like they used to.. As if reality television is supposed to be believeable.

my sisters and I used to watch that show when we were growing up. We realized what a bitch Nellie was and we totally hated her. Since we weren't allowed to cuss (well not in front of our mom.. ) We'd end up saying things like "You're such a Nellie"

How did you mix up Silver Spoons & Starsky and Hutch ~ that's like mixing up The Love Boat and Dallas

I had a secret thing for Nellie Oleson way back when. I wanted for the longest time to "teach her a lesson."

I had a crush on Melissa Sue Anderson when I was in the sixth grade.

I don't know if it was ever in the TV show, but in her book, Laura conned Nellie into the creek behind her (Laura's) house and kept her there until she was covered in leeches. Eww! Paybacks are hell, eh?

yeah, and in the show one time Nellie was pretending to be injured or paralyzed or something because of something Laura'd done, and Pa made her do the right thing, of course, and help Nellie out, and Nellie was being a total bitch as usual, and Laura busted her walking around out of the wheelchair, and pushed Nellie in the wheelchair down a hill.

for years i swore that the actor who played nellie olsen was a boy.

All I can say is, it was no fun having the name Laura and being in primary school during the "Little House on the Praire" run!

I wonder why people thought it was a good insult to call me "Laura!....INGALS WILDER! (nyahh)"

When I was pregnant, I had toxemia and was on total bed rest. I watched Little House on the Prairie every day on TBS, and my hormones were so screwed up that I cried at every episode. I'm a nerd, can I join you at the back table? I have red jelly belly's and vanilla coke.

It always amazed me that the other kids on the prairie didn't beat the crap out of Nellie. Did anyone on that show like her outside of the Robo-bitch mom? I must admit that when I was a kid, I had a little crush on the kid who played her little brother.

It's kinda weird that we can all relive our childhoods just by watching Nick at Night. I need to start recording Soap when it comes on.


Domed? Is my dome retractable? I'd like to be able to take it off if it's not raining. Thanks.

Good one Michele

My favorite one was where Albert fell in love with Silvia. Where can I get a copy of that episode and what is that actresses' name?