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So I'm beginning to notice how the blogosphere is basically high school, but with more elaborate insults.

If anyone wants to eat lunch with me today, I'll be in the back of the cafeteria at the nerd table. I've got Peanut M&M's.....


It seems to have gotten really bad lately...like the guy attacking Robyn over football, fer crissakes! What, the rest of the world just now discovered the blog world and the assholes have to make up for lost time?

sometimes i think high school is the template of our lives. actually, someone else thought that, and i just agreed so strongly i appropriated the statement for myself.

Fine. But I get to be Molly Ringwald's character from "Pretty in Pink". You know, cause I want that damn happy ending with my true love.

That, and I want her car.

behind the gym. after school. be there.

I am SO gonna kick your wimpy ass, clayton.

I'm skipping the prom to go to my friend's house and play D&D, then to go play Asteroids and get high score on every machine in town. (Not that I really did that...really...I didn't!...stop looking at me like that...I am not a nerd...oh yeah? well, at least I'll get a good job when I graduate...I need a Mtn Dew and a bag of Skittles now...)

Um, can we just pretend we're on Crossfire or Hardball, and our loud, insulting rants are really intelligent discourse? I don't think I like this high school metaphor.

Does anybody want to come to my house after school and like, do stuff? I've got the new Bon Jovi album, and maybe we can like, go to the mall and stuff. And don't worry, I'm sure that my mom can totally take you guys home later.

i loved high school. well, from soph year on. i'll bring the sushi. and the homemade kahlua in a thermos.

Annessa, after we watch Hoopty fight Clayton, let's go the mall!

Michele and Annessa, I'll meet you guys at the food court. I'll be shopping for new paisley print everything.

Frankie, I have to ask my mom if I'm allowed to go if a boy is going.

do they have a Hot Topic at the mall? I'd rather go there than fight Clayton.

Let's just not tell our moms about a boy being there. And you can help me look for some Buster Browns. Now, where's my iZod shirt?

and here i am, still at the nerd table. just me n' my Rubik's cube.

Wanna share a pickle, Mikey?

Like, OhMyGawd, let's have a slumber party!

The great thing about having a blog that's not popular is not quite the same as being a nerd in high school. The nerds would be the well-read blogs that get picked on alot. The low-traffic blogerati can pretend they're rockstars.

ew, i hate pickles. i'll share your peanut M&M's tho... you do know that it's in the Jedi code to eat a lot of Peanut M&M's, right?

But Clayton was meeting me behind the gym to practice kissing!!

I am SO gonna kick Clayton's wimpy ass.

umm, shit man, you mean we have to like go to school 5 days a week? Heavy....

I dropped out of high school. Does that mean I have to quit blogging too?

No, you've blogged enough to qualify for your GED.