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Meryl Yourish has a spike file. You know, those posts you write and rewrite and edit and keep on the back burner because they either never get finished or never sound just the way you intended them to.

My spike file isn't exactly a file. It's all those Moveable Type posts that are marked draft instead of publish. There are two types of files that retain draft status; either they were intended to be funny but didn't even make me laugh, or they were more personal than they started out to be.

So, what's in my spike file? Snippets from the lost files of a small victory:

  • Daddy, this tastes like Grandma!"
  • Websense thinks Cheesedip is "tasteless" but they let me view Amish Tech Support?
  • When he said "Cynthia McKinney is not an anti-semite, I turned the radio off.
  • I don't want the super pump action
  • Fun hamster questions found on the internet:

    Why shouldn't I use the mircrowave to dry off my hamster?
    Do hamster have souls?
    Should my hamster be eating its poop?
    Why does my hamster have a foul smelling discharge coming out of her vulva?

    Anyone want to answer those?


No, I don't want to answer those!
I have a spiked file myself.

i don't have a spike file. while i write a post, might not publish it, if i don't use it in a day or two, i toast it. by the time i'd get around to it, the idea wouldn't be fresh and i'd struggle with it.

Eww. Hampster vulva.

has someone been smoking your hamster? Or your vulva?

the foul smelling discharge coming out of your hampster is cheesedip. quit leaving it in the cage.

i need a spike file...

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