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webster in the hizzouse!

webster in the hizzouse!

Brandon Cruz, who portrayed Eddie on Courtship of Eddie's Father, has replaced Jello Biafra as lead singer of the Dead Kennedys.

This could start an alarming trend. Imagine the headlines:

Danny Bonaduce joins new incarnation of The Germs.
Butch Patrick becomes the 77th lead singer of The Misfits.
Susan Olsen replaces the deceased Wendy O. Williams in The Plasmatics.
Tina Yothers set to take over for Courtney Love in Hole.
Tiffany Brissete of Small Wonder joins Devo.
Emannuel Lewis is now fronting Wu-Tang.

Feel free to add your own.

link from the evil genius


Gary Coleman in the GG Allin band

The sad thing is, I think Tina Yothers would actually try....she does have her own band, ya know.


ok, snicker if you will, but Brandon Cruz has been doing the punk scene for a good many years now. we all have things in our past we are ashamed of, his just happens to be a TV series.

Mayim Byalick, from Blossom, will poke victims with pointy things in the Genitorturers.
And the girl who played Six, she's slinging tampons with L7.
Joey still has a t.v. career. Go figure.

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