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TV Listing for Saturday, September 28, 2002

Sink Saddam: the game show

Tom Daschle and George Bush fight it out in this fast-paced quiz show. Ann Coulter and Raph Nader take turns asking the contestants questions while Saddam sits between them, tied up in a dunk tank. For every question Bush gets right, Saddam gets lowered a bit into the water. For every question Daschle gets right, Nader gets to raise Saddam's seat up a bit.

If Saddam sinks, it's Bombs over Bagdhad! If he makes it to the top of the tank and gets out, Daschle wins a date with Scott Ritter!

It's a frenzied, laugh-a-minute riot as chants of "WAR NOW!" and "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!" rise from the audience and Saddam goes up and down just like the economy!

Be sure to catch the outtakes at the end, when Nader takes a swing at Coulter!


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Finally Quality Programming on FOX!

Actually after the 10th Police's Wildest Chases, anything else would be a ratings winner.

I heart Wildest Police Videos.

i heart michele.

Oh, that's good!

Oh, that's good!