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analyze this

analyze this

I think someone needs a hug.

(click for really huge image)

So, what do you make of this? An arrogant misanthrope? A neo-nazi? A Nine Ninch Nails fan in a bad mood?


Maybe he really wanted "I HATE LIVER", but the rest of it wouldn't fit...

It's a New York plate. It might be a play on words of the standard "I love New York".

Maybe he's got an accent and just finished dinner...

Or maybe it belongs to that quasi-football player in the XFL who had "He Hate Me" on the back of his uniform.

Maybe he's just a genius. (I covet that plate.)

I think we should have moved closer and asked - you were afraid of having to spit at someone again though!

"I H(ave) A T(iny) E(go)"

Well, it could be...

I hate to be Pollyanna, but I think s/he's just a NIN fan, given the airbrushing.