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this is not a costume party

this is not a costume party

Another question tonight. Last night's went so well, although only one person spotted the sexual innuendo.

Do you ever feel uncomfortable leaving a comment on a blog you've never commented on before? Do you feel like the other commenters or the blogger him/herself is going to say "who the hell are you and who let you in here?" When you do comment for the first time, do you feel like you are intruding on some private party and you forgot to wear clothes? Have you ever felt that way here?

Thank you for your time.

I'm off to meet DJ's teacher. As in the past, I will bring the teacher a giant size bottle of Execdrin and the offer to pay her therapy bills at the end of the year.


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I don't feel uncomfortable commenting, but I do feel annoyed when the blog's groupies jump on me if I happen to go against the flow. I made the mistake of correcting something in a blog, and was told to bugger off by a succession a turds.

So, while I don't initially feel uncomfortable, I suppose I can be made to feel that way.

i'm used to butting where i'm not wanted. no problem.

were we supposed to answer the innuendo in the title last night? i'd like to change my answer.

um, i saw the innuendo (how could you not, really?), but i got wrapped up in answering the actual question at hand...

as for commenting on someone's blog for the first time, well... usually what happens is, i'll say something, hit post, and then think "oh fuck, i hope they don't get offended"...

I would be one of those shy to comment types. I'm getting over that though. :)

i used to be a little concerned at first but now i think, what are they going to do ban me? so what if they do , i can roll with the punches.

Sometimes I feel a little odd commenting somewhere for the first time, yeah. But I do it anyway.

nope,never.Sometimes i have to hold back what i want to say cause i just know im either gonna hurt someones feelings or get into a debate thats gonna last the next 10000 years.

A little - it's like introducing yourself on a blind date. But, you know, they put the comment field there for a reason, and I assume that people like to get comments as much as I do (it's either that or e-mail from people I work with) so I do comment away. I don't tend to do a lot of the "me too" kind of commenting; I like to have a litle something extra to say. Like now, for instance.

I would like to answer your question by leaving a comment, but I'm afraid I'm intruding on your private party.

I do feel a little appriehensive posting my first comment... And sometimes, the second, third, fourth, etc. It all depends on the amount of groupies, how well I know the topic being blogged about, and various other factors. I will admit, I was a little nervous posting my first comment here, but I'm just a worry wart by nature.

I'm the sort of person who wanders into public conversations at will-- I figure if you're talking about it in public, and I'm there, then you're just asking me to butt in. And aren't blogs just public conversations? I still feel bad every time I comment in a new blog, or jump in a stranger's conversation, but hey. Life's short, wear a helmet, carry a pitchfork for the shit. What can you do?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends on if I know any of the other commentors, how long I've been reading the blog prior to commenting, what the subject of the post is, etc. But generally, no, not really.

When I do work up enough courage to comment, it usually takes a ridiculously long time to figure out what I'm going to say(this one took me 12 minutes and several drafts), and then it always seems lame after I post it. Then I'm too embarrassed about the comment to go back to that page for like, a week.

I'm a born lurker, I guess...and maybe a tad neurotic. :)

Oh give it up The Other Jen! You wander in and mouth off everywhere! ;)

It doesn't bother me any commenting on blogs I've never been to before. I do try to be polite when I do so, the only exception being if it's some person baiting me for the purpose of links, which trap I constantly fall into.

I feel a little intimidated sometimes, but I do it anyway. I figure the site would be private if they only wanted comments from certain people.

Oh yeah, I got the innuendo, but you mentioned chocolate and I got distracted.

You allow comments here? Cool!

No, I'll comment anywhere...that's what the boards are for, after all. Alas, very rarely do people return the favor.

There are blogs I wouldn't think of commenting on for various reasons, but you, Michele, are very welcoming of all points of view. I trust that whatever I say here will be read with an open mind, by you and your loyal group of commenters.
But yes, there is a certain 'inner circle' feeling associated with most blogs. It's human nature. We all understand and respond more easily to those we know.

I used to hold it all in, but now I just let it rip. The comments, the comments! ;)

yeah. but theres a first time for evrything. heh.
you can only care as long as you care.

Nah - I never hesitate - comes part and parcel with being so damned opinionated :-) If my comments piss someone off that's their problem not mine as the comments are never personalized (except in the case of anonymous jerk offs who hide behind their anonymity to take pot shots at nice people).

hey, if someone asks for comments, I dont feel uncomfortable providing one if I feel strongly enough. My only exception is if I stumble across a truly personal blog by accident.

The innuendo was in the title. I imagine everyone caught it, Michele.

what is this thing you call blog?

I don't understand why anybody would feel too intimidated to say something, but I'm completely weird.

I have a hard time not interupting....

i feel like that sometimes... especially when the other commenters are very articulate and i only had some dumb joke to contribute. or if there's already a bazillion comments and i;d just be rehashing. it's also bad if you have a bit of a Blog Crush on the writer in question. ha!

I always feel conspicuous when I comment in other's blogs. Just insecure I guess.

I don't comment very often so when I do I feel conspicuous - can't decide if I'm insecure or an egomaniac.

I comment when the urge grabs me. If it happens to be a first post, so be it. I do try to read existing comments first, so I don't sound like I'm parroting someone else. But even under those circumstances, I might leave a comment anyway, just to let people know I had an opinion.

I only get a little nervous if my comment is contrary to the blogger's post OR if the blogger herself (or himself) is one of the "big players" in the blogging playground. Then I feel a wee bit funny, as if I'm a puny freshman going up to a popular senior in high school. It's gotten a little easier to post comments, but I must confess that I do wonder if the blogger will receive my comments well, regardless of the content. I usually try to read the blog for a short time before adding any comment, just to get a feel for the blogger and his/her readers. I haven't felt that way here, but I did make sure to read for a few weeks before I ever added a comment!

Although I don't know why, as I'm delighted when new people comment because it tells me they liked me enough to start a conversation. You like me, you really really like me. Oh, dear.

I have to lurk a while and before I'm comfortable putting goatse.cx links in comments.

I am usually quite shy about commenting on other people’s sites. It usually takes a while before I feel comfortable.

who the hell are you and who let you in here?

(somebody had to do it)

I was going to ask you the same thing, Pete.

(insert wry smiley face here)