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instant psychoanalysis

instant psychoanalysis

Al Gore is passive-aggressive.

update: His diagnosis has been upgraded to passive-aggressive with a bit of schizophrenia.



Well... duh.

And he created the Internet... ;)

passive-aggressive and delusional!

Better than illiterate.

Amen Scott!

I've tried to anlayze Bush but I keep coming up blank.

"...I keep coming up blank."

Not enough raw material to work on? ;)

That's a pretty accurate analysis, Michele.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you just can't fool me again...

Absolutely. He's also risk-averse and anal retentive. I'm sure he has some co-dependency issues, too.

As much as I detest Shrub, I can not stand Gore's condescending manner of speaking to the planet.

Al Bore. Is there a psychoanalysis term meaning "potted plant?"

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