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spit or swallow

spit or swallow

Answer for me:

If someone hands you a box of chocolates and you graciously take one into your mouth and you realize you hate the flavor, what do you do?

a) spit it out right in front of the person, showering his body with a spray of gooey stuff
b) swallow politely, even smiling as you do so
c) wait until the person is not looking and then spit it out

I thank you in advance for your answers.


d) Pretend you have to sneeze, pretend you bit your tongue, or pretend to swallow wrong and spit it out then.


There is no way I am eating it after I realize that it's something I don't really like. But a better plan is to squeeze the chocolate a little bit before you take a bite so you get a sneak preview of the flavor. If it's one you don't like come up with something you have to do immediately and then discreetly pitch the candy.

The correct tactic with bonbons'n'chocolates in general, is to remember that there is ALWAYS a chance of foully-flavoured ones.

One should be conditioned, Pavlov-style, to load up the "Oh, Hang On, There Is A Risk Of Flava-Bons Here"-memory at the very moment chocolates enter the visual area of either eye.

Then proceed the to pick out a nutful one, they usually are good.


i always make a point of asking, do you know which ones are coconut, so i can avoid them? and then pick something obviously not gooey, or pass. but if they trick me into taking coconut, forget it. they're getting showered. ditto turkish delite and violet, but those are pretty rare.

duh! you pick one out, but don't bite into it until you're well out of sight. then you can spit all you want.

and then you can blog about it.

the solution is, to study carefully all the major brands of chocolate. sees, godiva, cadbury, ... as many as you want. stockpile large quantities and spend evenings training yourself to recognise the good ones.

choke that puppy down and don't let'em see your eyes water. c'mon, after I've scarfed a few hundred racks of oysters in your life I'm gonna kvetch about some nasty marzipan? and some of the sushi I've braved. yeesh. That's the problem with samplers. It's Belgian Roulette basically.

Barring the slim possibility that I will pick, say, a chocolate covered anchovy, I'd chew and swallow. But really, that's just because I've not met a chocolate I really abhor yet. :D

1. Read the little map in the lid of the box.
2. Deliberate until the owner of the chocolates regrets ever offering.
3. Pick one and take a bite.
4. Wait 'til they're out of site, and spit it out.

I'm fickle.

As picky as I am, spit it and then apologize profusely.

Let's examine this from a male point of view just for kicks. My attitude is that once I get rid of it - I'm not real picky about its ultimate fate.

It'd have to be something really disgusting for me to not like it covered in chocolate!

I have to say, I've really never met a chocolate I couldn't choke down, except for the exceedingly cheap stuff - the waxy-looking bad kind. Then I just say no thanks. Otherwise? Smile and swallow.

I would have to say (B).. Why would be so rude to a person to spit it out in front of them. If they give you a gift of sort why discourage them to do it again? Show love, Always

- JP

I would and have spat it out right in front of the person who gave it to me.
I try my best not to spit it on them and apologise and be honest and tell them i dont like the taste.
Im too honest,maybe thats why i dont have many friends??

I would choke it down and smile, then set the box aside. Once I was alone, I would proceed with the bite-in-half-to-see-what-it-is-and-spit-out-the-sucky-ones-leaving-the-box-filled-with-half-chewed-sucky-chocolates technique.

If I have any doubts that there may be sucky lil tidbits covered in chocolate, I politely pass on the kind offer....and this is coming from an avowed chocoholic.
OK, yeah, that's the easy way out, but life is stressful enough.....

Holy heaven, [cup&saucer]Jen, a chocolate-covered anchovy?? Perish the thought!

Say that you're allergic to certain things (i.e. the flavors you hate) and ask that your gracious host not allow you to die in his/her living room from an allergic reaction. That or choose something safe like a nut cluster.

is this the spit or swallow question reworked? Cos I always gargle.

Swallow it quickly and then quickly chase it with whiskey to get the taste out of your mouth?


Just quickly get another chocolate in your mouth to replace the flavour.

If someone hands you a box of chocolates and you graciously take one into your mouth...

If you have tossed an offered piece of chocolate into your gullet -- "Free chocolate!" -- good manners require you to chew and swallow the chocolate nicely (no gagging or funny faces), thank the person once again, and smile. There is nothing gracious (polite, kind, courteous) about taking a chocolate you are willing to spit out in front of the giver if it doesn't meet your requirements. I suppose it's different with a close buddy: you might get away with "For christ's sake, Frieda, what kind of chocolate are you trying to poison me with?!" before hocking into the trash, but then Frieda would be just as right to skip you the next time the bonbons are passed around.

I'd probably just deal with the flavor and swallow, especially if I knew in advance and still didn't like the candy I'd selected. If the person giving the chocolate walked away after I'd selected and/or bitten into the candy, then I'd just spit it out.

definitely c, if I can keep myself from gagging long enough. I have learned to utilize the map on the box religously or to always pick the thin rectangular ones or the nut clusters. I know I like those.

When I was really little (about 4-5 years old) I ate a chocolate I didn't like...I promptly spit it back out into the wrapper and put it back into the container. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but I'm sure my grandmother was appalled!

"It'd have to be something really disgusting for me to not like it covered in chocolate!Posted by: Solonor "

Crunchy Frogs?

Anybody that I would accept any type of food from (friends and co-workers in general, bar patrons I hang with too) know me and themselves good enough to not be so god damned sensitive about crap like this. This is the real problem with us. This over sensitivity that has dulled all of our instincts.

But that's just my opinion and I am kind of an asshole.

That happened to me once. I think I choked it down.

Thank goodness I already have a reputation for speaking my mind and doing crass things in public.

Normally, I would examine food closely before accepting. In the rare case where I've accepted something that turns out to taste unfavourable, I say something like "ooh, that didn't taste quite like I thought it would...", then I use a napkin to remove it from my mouth.

If I were to swallow anyway, I'd find myself in the embarassing position of having to turn down the next sample without good reason.

I would create a terrifying diversion, like faking a Gran Mal seizure and wetting myself. In their shock the gooey spittle soaked chocky falling from my mouth would hardly be noticed.